[Review] Tomodachi Ijou no Koto, Shitai by Kurahashi Tomo

So I noticed I haven’t uploaded any yaoi-centric posts lately, specifically the review type, and considering this blog is supposed to have yaoi, I thought I’d get working.

Today I ended up reading this short story about childhood friends, written by Kurahashi Tomo. I’ll be using it for the category “read a manga with a target demographic that can apply to you” for the 2016 MAL Reading Challenge!


Friends since they were kids, Hara and Suga know just about everything about the other. They connect so well that when they start Uni, they decide to live together.

Six months later and they’re having their first fight over a misunderstanding.

One of the most cliche moments in boy’s love romance manga are misunderstandings, and this story thrives on it. We get to meet Hara and Suga, childhood friends who are always together. Need Suga for something but can’t find him? Chances are Hara knows where he’s at! Need an extra member for that mixer you’re going to? Sorry, but Hara would rather hang out with Suga…too bad for all the pretty ladies expecting hotties.

And like all friends in the yaoi genre, they’re stuck at the hip for ‘other reasons’ (kekeke) No…at least not yet…

m002The scene that gets this story rolling is when Suga is home and finds he’ll have the house to himself. Seeing that Hara’s coat is on the ground, he picks it up and unexpectedly gets aroused by Hara’s scent. Deciding he’s alone so why not? Suga starts jerking off at the memory of his best friend, and unexpectedly gets caught doing so when Hara comes home early.

“More importantly, aren’t you going to continue? Shall I lend you a hand?” YES! Please lend him a hand and possibly something else too 😉

Of course, the next day Suga tries to play it off as nothing, deciding that Hara probably won’t remember anything because he was drunk the night before. All of this happens in just one chapter, which leaves us with four chapters to resolve our problem.

m002At first I thought the problem was going to be “I’m not gay” but as it continued on, it was more of a “I love you but you only lust over me” story. I thought this was particularly funny because…well, you just have to SEE these two and the way they act to know they’re devoted to the other. For example, there’s a scene where Hara and one of his classmates go find Suga at the library. Suga is sleeping on a couch and as Nameless Classmate is trying to wake Suga, nothing happens, however, all Hara had to do was utter Suga’s name for the brunette to wake up.

There’s also a scene from their history where Hara beats up some guy who stole Suga’s girlfriend. It was the only time I’d seen him angry and even Suga was surprised to see him snap like that. Then, as they’re talking about the issue, Suga starts crying and Hara HUGS HIM and gosh, I was just tearing up at the screen because how cute!

There’s also their classmates calling them Harasuga, it’s a sign I’m not just imagining the homo! And they also know who’s the pitcher~ :9

The only real problem I had with this story was that the main characters’ thought process was too similar. The story is in the POV of Suga, however, I only realized this about two chapters in when Suga mentions Hara by name in his thoughts (because Hara wouldn’t be talking about himself in the third person). I feel like if this name calling hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have realized this was Suga’s POV.

I guess what I want is a better way to differentiate the views.

Overall, the story was cute and short (they’re always short, grrr!) with pretty art and a complete story. This probably wouldn’t make it into any of my ‘recommend to you’ lists because nothing really stands out, however, that doesn’t mean it was a bad story. In fact, I’m considering adding this to my yaoi shelf! I will also be checking out more of this artists works, which I believe is only one more…just because the art is really nice 😀

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