Convention Update: Naka-kon 2016!

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I last updated my convention list and it seems that quite a bit has happened since I wrote up my tentative list.

I’ll start off with the good news before we work our way down.

I have just confirmed that I will be attending Naka-kon 2016! It’ll be my first time going out to Kansas and attending this convention. One of the reasons I really wanted to go to Naka-kon is because I know two of my favorite blogger buddies will be there (OGZ and Takuto). Guys, I’m going and I hope we can hang out for a while!

Another reason is that my brother and I will take any excuse we can to road trip by ourselves. We made the trip to Maryland two years ago (?) and desperately wanted to drive out to California this year except my mom was like No. So we thought we’d pick something closer to home. Only 8 hours away, Naka-kon seemed like a safe bet.

And we were given permission (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ I wish I could get some plates with CRIMSON on them, then you’d all know Official Stalker be up in here

Alas, those must be saved for a later date.

Road trip Plans. So my brother, my dad, and I were checking how we’d be getting to Kansas and just putting in the convention location brought us to a 7.5 hour drive. However, we adjusted the route so that we would pass through Springfield and St. Louis. Apparently it’s better that way.


Our travel time will be 8.5 – 9 hours long with a whole night’s rest (I doubt we’ll be allowed to drive the night), so we plan to arrive in Overland Park around 9am, possibly earlier depending on what time we wake up and start driving again. On the way back I want to stop at Springfield! (I asked for these days off at my job and I should be done with classes by then).

Overall, with gas we’re thinking on spending about $100-$120 total, hotel will be $80 each, and food…well, the hotel covers breakfast but I’m not really sure what the costs are like out there. Our hotel does have a kitchen so if worse comes to worse, we’ll be eating sandwiches and eggs or something…All costs will be split between my brother and I, which is how we always operate


We are planning to leave Chicago around 6PM since my brother’s class ends around that time. Of course, evening is one of the worst times to be driving anywhere near the city or on route to O’Hare. We actually have to catch the I-55 towards St. Louis, which means we have to drive towards the city…I’m probably going to want to murder someone even before leaving IL (traffic and I don’t go together)

Naka-kon Schedule. I went to their site today and found that the 2016 schedule hasn’t been posted yet, however, I did find the 2015 one. I checked it out for an idea of hours of operation and found myself slightly disappointed. I’m used to going to conventions that start at like 9AM (or sometimes even earlier) and end around 3-4AM so to see that last year Naka-kon started their events at around 4PM (I did see something at 2) is a bit of a bummer.

Their closing ceremonies was also at 4PM, which is pretty normal. But that means Friday isn’t a full day…However, the good thing about that is having time to eat, shower, and possibly find my victims…kekeke

And now for the bad: I won’t be going to Yaoi-con this year…yeah, it’s tragic isn’t it? I’ve been pretty loyal, however, this year I’d like to add something new to my travel plans. What? I’d LOVE to go to Japan and I know I can save up enough by the end of the year to either go late 2016 or early 2017.

Of course, along with money this would include some planning ahead, which I will need to do…I’ll definitely keep you all posted with that progress!

Out of curiosity, is anyone else going to be at Naka-kon? Or Fanime? These two are new additions to my con-plans with the intention to meet some blogger friends. I’ll also be meeting some amazing artists at Fanime! I’ve seen some tweets of some artists that I follow being there and I’m going to make sure I stop by their tables!

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40 thoughts on “Convention Update: Naka-kon 2016!

  1. AGH THIS IS THE BEST NEWS IVE HAD ALL WEEK!!!!!! I hope I find you among the crowd! As for food, last year we did buy some there, but it was pretty expensive *typical inwards eyeroll* if you can manage to bring some yourself, I recommend it, especially if you plan to take large breaks throughout. Are you staying all weekend? Are you throwing on a bit of cosplay just as an identifier?? Gosh, I’m all psyched up now XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY!!! We have to meet up to at least say hi lol geh, always so expensive but I got more important stuff to spend my money on, who needs food! (I think we might bring some stuff, if nothing else I don’t mind having eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner xD)

      I AM! I really want to cosplay as my husbando Miyuki Kazuya but idk if I’ll have everything ready @_@ If not I’ll be wearing something Stalkeresque xD you’ll know kekeke

      What about you???

      Liked by 1 person

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