3 Day Quote: Do It Now.

Hey guys! So it looks like quite a few of you guys were able to relate to the first quote, which I expected unless I’m like this super weirdo with different identities…haha (well, I mean, I am a weirdo but for slightly different reasons…)

Anywho, here is day 2, hope you guys enjoy this quote too, but before I start, here are the rules again πŸ™‚ Continue reading

What is/do you consider an anime convention?

Hey guys! So I don’t know if many of you heard but last Saturday I went to Uchi-con at the University of Chicago and as I was trying to write my review for it I got stuck.

When I first heard of it, it was listed as an anime convention and I thought nothing of it. When I checked out their website and found out they were a one-day convention, I still didn’t think much about the term ‘convention,’ however, after I’d gone I was left wondering. Continue reading