2016 Manga Challenges and What Happened in 2015

Hey guys! It’s that time again, for what? To accept challenges that I may or may not be completing, haha

First up is the Manga Challenge on MAL, which I also started last year. Now, you may be wondering what happened. Well, I FAILED it, terribly. I was doing pretty well, read about seven manga and then stopped. Then I remembered the challenge a while later and just ended up not continuing.

But that’s ok. 2015 is gone and over and I can start anew. New me, new challenge, new goals, and new titles.

Unlike 2015, the 2016 Manga Challenge has a few more options. There are still prompts that need to be fulfilled, however, there are levels now: easy, medium, hard. For those who pick Hard (like me), all prompts need to be completed by the end of the year. No more having to choose only 25 prompts! Of course, if you pick Hard and find that you’re not exactly keeping up, the option of picking an easier level is available (same as if you were reading more than expected). 

Along with this there is another challenge happening! One I stumbled upon today while browsing the manga tag at 4AM. It’s something a bit more blog based and it’s called the 9th Annual Graphic Novel/Manga Challenge. Like the MAL challenge, there are levels – Modern, Bronze, and Silver – with the minimum book count being 12 books and the max being 52.

The only real rule is that you need to review every book you read, which is why I’m going to combine both challenges here. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I’ll start something and not want to continue it and on the MAL challenge (for it to count) you have to read everything that’s available.

To sign up all you have to do is write up a post saying you’ll be participating, go to the website, post your link to the post (not your homepage), and start reading! No prompts

MAL Prompt List

Like the last time, I’ve gone ahead and filled out a few manga I want to check out. None of them will be absolute so if I find something else I like I’ll change them to where they need to be. Recommendations are welcome~

ϟStarting date: 1/24/16
ϟLink to your manga list: http://myanimelist.net/mangalist/crimson613
ϟDifficulty: Hard

» Read a one-shot
» Read a manga that is a collection of short stories (It can be by the same author or different ones)
» Read a webmanga or 4-koma
» Read an award-winning work (tip: check Wikipedia or BakaUpdates for ideas)

» Read a manga by one of your favorite authors/artists Black Rose Alice 
» Read a manga published in the same magazine in which your favorite one was serialized
» Read a manga by an author/artist you don’t know
» Read a manga from a magazine with less than 250 titles listed in the database (You can find the magazine list here)

» Read a manga that started serialization the year you joined MAL
» Read a manga published before 1990
» Read a manga published between 1990 and 2000
» Read a manga published between 2000 and 2010

Tags, Themes & Demographics
» Read a manga with a main cast mostly of one gender Diamond no Ace
» Read a manga with adults as the main cast
» Read a manga that focuses on non-romantic relationships
» Read a manga that focuses on a couple with a romantic relationship
» Read a manga with children as the main cast
» Read a manga with a non-human main character
» Read a manga about food, music or art Your Lie in April
» Read a Historical, Military or Police manga
» Read a Sci-Fi, Space or Mecha manga
» Read a Dementia, Horror, Demons or Vampire manga D-Gray Man
» Read a Mystery, Thriller or Psychological manga Bloody Monday
» Read a Sports, Martial Arts, Cars or Games manga Haikyuu
» Read a Super Powers, Fantasy or Supernatural manga Pandora Hearts
» Read a Harem, Ecchi, Shoujo Ai or Shounen Ai manga Silver Diamond
» Read a manga that is tagged with a genre you dislike
» Read a manga that has a main character that is a professional in his field (e.g. teacher, scientist, artist)
» Read a manga with an archetype as a main character (e.g. -dere, genius, macho guy, trap, magical girl)
» Read a manga with a target demographic that does not apply to you (i.e. shoujo if you’re a male in his 20s, etc) Black God
» Read a manga with a target demographic that can apply to you (i.e. josei if you’re a female in her 20s or more, etc)
» Read a manga that has a main character of gender opposite to the demographic (i.e. female lead in a male demographic, etc)

» Read a manga based on a one-shot that got serialized
» Read a manga that has been adapted to live action (tip: check this club for ideas)
» Read a manga that has not been adapted in any way (i.e. to anime, live action, cd drama, etc)
» Read a manga adapted from a video game, original anime or light novel

» Read a manga with a score of or below 7.0 in MyAnimeList
» Read a manga with a score of or above 8.5 in MyAnimeList
» Choose a highly rated manga from another challenger who posted on the same page you signed up on (i.e. A completed manga rated 10, 9 or 8; the best score)
» Read a manga with less than 750/1500/3000 completed members (hard/medium/easy)

Challenge & MAL related
» Read a manga recommended to you by another Manga Reading Challenge participant
» Read a manga that another user has read for this challenge
» Read a staff member’s favorite manga
tip: and then feel free to comment on their profile about it
» Read a manga from the recently reviewed list
» Read a manga from the ones listed under manga relations in this club

» Read a manga that starts with the same last letter of your username
numbers and special characters do not apply!
» Choose a random trope from TVTropes and read a manga listed under the trope
tip: feel free to spam the random button at the top or bottom of the page
» Choose a manga from the predicitve search using a generated random word
tip: use this site to generate a random word
» Read a manga that has been on your Plan to Read list for too long
» Read a manga with a protagonist that shares your hair color

ϟBonus Challenges (Optional and non-interchangeable with previous items)
» Read a light novel
» Read a doujinshi listed in the DB
» Read a manhua or manhwa
» Start and catch up to an on-going long-running (300+) series
» Read a manga published before 1980
» Read a manga based on real event or person
» Read a manga that is related (e.g. sequel, side story) to something you previously read
» Read a manga series you can finish in one day Mugen Spiral

There were some links I didn’t add but I’ll come back to those and add them for anyone who is interested 🙂

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4 thoughts on “2016 Manga Challenges and What Happened in 2015

  1. I was going to do the Mal manga challenge but I decided I will never complete all of that so I just set myself a goal of 50 manga to read to start off with 🙂 for the year see how I go but good luck 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think I can…maybe xD the part that kills me is having to read everything that’s out 😛 like, what if I get bored halfway through? Lol

      50 manga is a good goal! Can’t wait to see which you choose, I’m always up for reading new manga!

      Liked by 1 person

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