First Impressions: Winter 2016 Favorites

Hey guys! So the winter season is up and running, there have been quite a few shows, and since I mentioned there were quite a few shows I wanted to check out, I thought I’d tell you all how my adventures went! I won’t talk about series with second seasons since I haven’t checked those out yet. Kind of…I mean, I checked out GATE but not enough where I could form thoughts other than, it’s OK. And then I still need to finish Snow White!

Anywho, I’ll start off with two of my favorites! Two that I am really excited about and that I’m sure I’m not the only one fangasaming over.


If you have to check out at least one show from the new season I would highly suggest and recommend Erased. Erased follows the life of Satoru Fujinuma, a 29 year old mangaka artist who finds himself as the prime suspect of his mother’s murder! Panicking and trying to escape, Fujinuma finds himself transported back to the past thanks to his ability that forces him to go back in time when a catastrophe is about to happen. Now in the body of his elementary school days, Fujinuma must figure out how his mother’s murder is related to the murder of his classmate Kayo Hinazuki, and what he can do to prevent the tragedy from happening.

One of the reasons I instantly fell in love with this show was how smooth the transition from present to past felt. If Fujinuma hadn’t noticed that he’d gone back in time (just a few minutes the first time we’re introduced to it), I wouldn’t have noticed! Or at least, not immediately. The only real hint we get that time is about to go back is a blue butterfly and from there suspense as we try to figure out what doesn’t fit in the scene.

In terms of characters, I have yet to complain about anyone. While Fujinuma appears to be very in limbo about his existence and what he plans to do, there’s a determination and bravery to his actions. It’s probably because of his ability, which forces him to take action, but even as the story continues we get to see more of this side of Fujinuma. Another main character is Kayo Hinazuki who I feel very protective of considering her situation at home (abusive mother). I find myself in a similar position as Fujinuma, in that I don’t know what can be done without making things worse, and that constant worry always has me in suspense.

If there’s anything I’m mostly concerned with is what happens when Fujinuma solves this catastrophe (if he’s successful). Since we don’t know how his abilities work, should we expect for him to go back to his 29 year old self? Will he continue as a child and relive his life while mentally being 29? If he does go back to the present, how much will have changed?


But yes, the art is beautiful and flows really well. The story so far has been very delightful with a mix of mundane, suspense, innocence, and darkness. Definitely check this anime out! It’s on both Funimation and Crunchyroll though Crunchyroll is one episode ahead for premium members

Dimension W

I actually haven’t heard much about people’s reactions to Dimension W yet. I know on YouTube people are LOVING the beginning song and I can attest to it’s greatness. I have yet to skip it when I watch the show and sometimes I’ll just play it while I’m writing or reading. If anyone is interested it’s called Genesis and is performed by Stereo Dive Foundation!

As for the show, I can’t say it’s as great as Erased but it’s got its own appeal. In the future, we’ve discovered a fourth plane dubbed Dimension W, where there is an endless supply of energy. Taking advantage of this resource, we created coils, which pull energy from this new dimension for everyday use. Few cars still run on gas, making gas prices skyrocket, and even robots have been added to the population.

And like all things, there will also be the illegal use of coils, which is where Kyoma Mabuchi comes into the picture. Kyoma is a coil bounty hunter, and on his latest assignment he bumps heads with a robot girl who claims that her ‘Father’ needs the illegal coils Kyoma is supposed to bring in. Hating coils and anything related to them, Kyoma doesn’t believe the girl and tries to stop her escape only to later end up stuck with her.

Like Erased, the art for Dimension W is very nice. The numerous fight scenes all flow really well. In terms of characters, I’m actually excited about Kyoma since he’s not your typical high school student age. I mean, I have nothing against teenagers but you know, I age and I’d like to have an older character as the main for once. Not to mention that older characters have this appeal to them just because they’re older…HAHA

Anyways, the story isn’t great and there are still things I didn’t understand, like when Mira’s father killed himself. Her coil and the coils nearby were destroyed but what else happened? What good did destroying a few coils do when more could be obtained? We were also introduced to ‘Numbers’ and coils. What that means, we have yet to get many details. Along with this, we’re also introduced to some of Kyoma’s background and his association to Grendel during ‘the last war.’

So far there are two episodes out, which can be watched on Funimation. While I really enjoyed Dimension W, there are a lot of ideas that haven’t really connected to make much sense. I don’t really know where it might be going, other than Kyoma and Mira collecting coils and trying to figure out her father’s parting words.

But it is fun so I’ll definitely be continuing~

p.s. The beginning has car chases and Kyoma fights with wires and these needle-like weapons, THAT is what won me over 😛

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