Winter 2016 Starts in About 2 Days

Out of curiosity, is there anyone who still can’t get out of bed? Because I’m having trouble doing anything productive and I know it’s only the third day of the year but this is starting to worry me, good thing school starts tomorrow! šŸ˜›

While tomorrow comes, I thought I’d reach for my laptop without falling off my bed (more difficult a task than many of you might think), and checked the Winter season anime. Lo and behold, the season starts in 1.5 days! Exciting no?

I’m rather excited. For one, there’s more anime to add to my ever-growing list of anime to watch, and second, have you guys seen what’s scheduled?! Here’s what I found interesting from the list šŸ˜€


Snow White with the Red Hair S2

I’m actually halfway through season 1 and am loving the show! I know I started it a while back (when it was airing) but I had to stop watching it because one episode a week was mega frustrating. I know a lot of people really enjoyed this story and even though I wasn’t too crazy about it at the beginning, I can say for certain that it’s shaping up to be a favorite.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find the trailer for the second season here.


One of the more recent series I reviewed, GATE was a really fun to watch, which surprised me considering it’s got military and harem elements (two things I’m not a big fan of). I was instantly hooked when I first watched it and knowing that the last episode of season 1 left off on a serious cliffhanger still kills me! Luckily, season 2 is scheduled to air in about a week (though I’m sure they’ll have more cliffhangers in each episode…)

Here is the season 2 trailer!


Dimension W

I’ve actually watched the trailer for this a while back. I don’t even know how I stumbled upon it BUT it’s one series I’m definitely excited for! Why? Well, it’s got really nice music, the animation seems fluid, and it’s got Darker than Black printed on it.Ā As a fan of Darker than Black, I’m excited to see how this pans out because I really miss that urban fantasy.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

So I’ll list this one here because I would like to at least check it out. There was something about the summary that I really liked – time travel, mangaka, supernatural, death, murder – however, after watching the preview I’m not as excited about it. Possibly because it’s so normalĀ and I was expecting something a bit more exciting. This is about a 29 year old manga artist who finds himself at the center of a murder case and using his supernatural ability to time travel (there’s more to it than just that), he tries to solve the mystery of his missing classmate from his grade school years.

To read the full summary and check out the preview go here

Prince of Stride

Another series I’d like to add here as tentative is this new sports one. I’m a bit hesitant on this showĀ because it’s about running and running just doesn’t sound exciting (at all). I mean, with other sports shows like Haikyuu and Daiya there’s at least a ball you throw around and hit andĀ strategies the characters make for each game. Here I’m like, well…I’ll see how it is…haha


Digimon TriĀ 2: Ketsui

This poster was floating around Twitter and while this isn’t scheduled until March I figured I’d add it in here. No preview or description out yet (as far as I know).

Snow White with the Red Hair:Ā Nandemonai Takaramono, Kono Page

So now there’s little side stories for this?! Just look at them being so cute, holding hands and going out shopping!! Gosh, I can’t handle how adorable these two are >_< This will also include Prince Raji as a child, which I’m curious to see. Haven’t read the manga yet (at least, not enough to say I’ve read it) but with how things are going I think I’ll be checking it out soon šŸ™‚


I went ahead and left the best for last: boy’s love! This isĀ something that makes me weep with happiness and sadness. Happiness because it’s a really adorable story (which I need to read ASAP) and sadness because it’s only 1 episode long. Now, I haven’t read the manga that it’s being adapted from but the style of this is super eye catching. As soon as I saw it I recognized it as Nakamura Asumiko’s art. And as a bonus there’s Hiroshi Kamiya, now who wouldn’t watch just for his voiceĀ (ā‰–ā—” ā‰–ļ½”)

The story begins during music class before the chorus festival, when male student Hikaru Kusakabe notices that the bespectacled honor student Rihito Sajo is not singing. Although he thinks that Rihito just doesn’t like singing, he finds him practicing alone in the classroom after school. Without even thinking, Hikaru calls out to him.

And that wraps up most of what I want to watch! There were others that I will probably end up checking out but these were the top shows I was interested in. There’s alsoĀ Itachi Shinden: Hikari to Yami, which I didn’t list only because there’s no information on it – no start date, no episode count, no episode length.

Have you guys already checked out the next season? If so, what shows are you planning to watch?

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2 thoughts on “Winter 2016 Starts in About 2 Days

  1. I’ve been wanting to follow that A-1 Pictures anime about the time-traveling and Dimension W because they both look cool AF. While I won’t be following that boys love anime, however, I do wish the studio luck in grabbing the fangirls’ (and boys out there) hearts :3

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