Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

As many of you might have noticed it is now 2016, and like last year I decided to write up a post with some of my 2015 highlights! Not all of them are anime related and not all of them are good things, but they made the list because they were pretty memorable 🙂

I tried to put them in chronological order but I may have failed…because my memory is just terrible sometimes! I also tried to think of something for each month but alas, sometimes some months are less memorable than others 😛

Hopefully, I didn’t miss anything uber important!

Enjoy looking at Crimson’s 2015 Highlights~

January: Car Accident

Like I already mentioned, not all of the highlights will be great, and starting 2015 by being in a car accident was pretty terrifying at the time. I actually wrote up a post about this detailing everything I could remember, haha. It happened on January 5th and if this experience has taught me anything it’s that you have to be careful when driving (not that I’m not careful).

ma car.jpg

As the snow starts coming down, be careful on the road! I know everyone thinks it won’t happen to them but sometimes it will, be safe this winter 🙂


March: My Fujoshi Life is Open for Business

Yes! While not my blog’s official birthday, this is when I finally opened up my blog and started to actually blog! I only posted one thing that month but it was a pretty big step for me because in April I actually started to write more

Anime Matsuri

For March my first and only post was about the Reika photobooks being placed on the Anime Matsuri site for pre-order! I was so excited that this year I was finally going to be able to get my grubby hands on her stuff without worry of selling out!

Wow, I can’t even believe this was in 2015!

April: Reika and Kaname at Anime Matsuri!

If it has anything to do with Reika I am fangirling all the time! This year I was able to attend Anime Matsuri for a second time, and having Kaname as a guest was a mega plus for me. I’d always seen pictures of these two going to conventions together and it had been my mega dream to attend a convention with the two of them


Anime Matsuri made that happen! When I was in Kaname’s presence I was like some girl with a crush, just oogling at him, and giggling at all his flirty faces and poses and…and…IT WAS AWESOME

I’m sure many people can attest to everything I am saying here. Also, Kaname wrote my name wrong on his photobook and was all cute about correcting it, I think I almost fainted from the experience~

Definitely check out my post about Anime Matsuri 2015 for an adorable video of Reika trying to break an egg with her head (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

May: Manga Expansion

May was a pretty fun month in terms of my manga collection expanding. Since it’s my birthday month I get gifts and having ACEN and Memorial Weekend fall here was beautiful. I got so many titles that I’m still not done reading them!

If anyone is interested in the actual titles (since you can’t really see from the picture which I’m talking about), check out my May posts 😀

June: Senior Capstone Project

I suppose that with this show I can officially say I’ve been in a gallery show, possibly? I’m not sure, but anywho! This month for school, our class finally got to show their projects in a gallery type space. After laboring for 10 weeks on these projects, everyone was happy to be done

For my project I did this lame thing were I forged a SS card as a way to speak about identity and how parents sometimes push their own dreams and wants onto their children without considering what they want. It was a pretty personal project and in the end I’m not sure what I thought about it. Or maybe I do and that’s why I called it lame, haha

p.s. I was interviewed by our school radio show (volunteered) and it was the worst thing in existence and I’m ashamed I even did it, ha…ha…ha, not gonna link anyone to it 😛

July: First time at AX!

Yes you’ve heard correct! 2015 was the first time I got up and decided to go to Anime Expo, the convention many people talk about 😀

It was actually my brother’s idea to go and after 2 seconds of pondering I thought, why not? This was also the con that really depressed me…if you guys have been following me since before July then you’ll know that I was in my Aldnoah Zero phase at the time. At AX they were going to premiere the AZ English Dub and I was so sad that I wasn’t able to attend the premiere! They’d filled up and I only had a regular member badge *flops to the ground*


On the plus side I did get to meet the members of MangaPod! If you haven’t checked them out yet then you should~ They’re on YouTube and they review a variety of manga. As a side note I’d also like to congratulate Erin for her baby who is now a few months old and Dodger for her engagement this holiday 🙂

Overall, 90% of my AX experience was spectacular and I’m hoping to attend again in 2016

September: Official Member of UnimeTV

Ah, UnimeTV, the demon that has awakened my inner Angel, kekeke. I had just gotten back from California at the time, having gone to pick up a tow truck with my dad, and when I finally got some stable internet connection my acceptance was staring me in the face (or at least, I think that’s how the story went, it’s been more than 10 hours so I can’t remember…)

Since becoming part of this group I’ve been writing different content such as Lists and Collaborations. Unfortunately, lists aren’t really my thing so I only write them if I’m given the type of list that’s needed. Definitely check us out for some awesome content 😀

October: Book Reviews Started at Lisette’s Misadventures

In case someone doesn’t know, My Fujoshi Life and UnimeTV aren’t the only blogs that I write at. I also have Lisette’s Misadventures which was my first ever blog. Right now it’s undergoing some changes but just a few months ago I started writing book reviews!


I actually have 3 goals in mind with this new feature to my blog: reviving it, get myself to read more, and to make a dent in my personal library (because I always buy and don’t read enough). And what better way to get me motivated then to have a purpose for reading? Yes, I’m making my viewers at Lisette’s Misadventures my purpose for reading and hopefully I do an OK job at reviewing 🙂

So far I only have about…five reviews up? Not too bad if I do say so myself kekeke (Of course I know I could do better)

December: Lyndere Club and Doujin Spree

Because December is such a special month I’d like to give it two highlights. The first is the Lyndere Club, which is an unofficial but official club where we make lynpuns and appreciate Lyn’s sassy attitude, don’t know who Lyn is? Shame on you then! Haha

Our current lynions/potential lynions include: Daiya (president), OGZ (vice-president), Zaktaku (treasurer), Crimson (Official Stalker), Takuto from Takuto’s Anime Cafe, Arria Cross from Fujinsei, and Mirror Purple from Mirror Purple!

If anyone is interested in finding out what this nonsense I’m saying is about you can find us on Twitter with #Lyndere 😉

And the second highlight which I don’t have a picture for yet is Doujin! You see, as a holiday gift I went out and bought some Hummel Doujin from someone on Tumblr and not being able to resist I also bought some from Otaku Republic! So I’ll hopefully be getting some Misawa doujinshi coming in some time in January~

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find all the doujin I wanted. Otaku Republic was out of a couple titles or they just didn’t have them and the tumblr person wasn’t selling her titles so if anyone knows where I could find some doujin by Julia, Oazuke, or a doujin called Single Mother Eijun FIND ME!

I’ll definitely buy them~

And this wraps up some of the bigger highlights of 2015. Other things I didn’t mention include

  • Plenty of Nominations from the community! I know I’ve already said this but thank you to everyone who has nominated me for these blogging awards! I know I’m still behind on a few (as I’ve come to discover…) but they’ll be out soon!
  • Thanks a bunch to the blogging community and the twitter community, you guys are all awesome! I won’t list you again because I did that in my previous post~
  • I quit my job at the library (yes, I know, I know, this shouldn’t even be here but it is because I’m a bum and I need to celebrate my bumness). I was lazy for about 3 months and it was the best, kekeke
  • I successfully saved up more than $1,000! Of course, that’s all gone now…but with this I know it’s possible to save up so much money if I just put away my credit card for a while >_<
  • I went to my first concert, which I’m undecided about. Is it really a legit concert? It was at AWA and I got to see Eir Aoi perform 😀

Hopefully, I’m not forgetting anything too important…I hope you all had a great 2015 and cheers for an even better 2016!

(And now it’s time to go to work…WHY?!)

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24 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

  1. Eir Aoi? Now I’m jealous. And haha, I remember when you were barking about missing A.Z’s dub premiere. That was hysterical looking back on it for some reason IDK why XD Well, here’s to another year full of anime madness and other life complications, hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I find it pretty funny too, especially considering I never followed up trying to watch the dub, it’s just that one event that destroyed me xD

      Kekeke, yes, Eir Aoi, her performance was EPIC and I was just like ahhhhhh~ so amazing!

      More conplications >_< like i needed more haha #lyndere

      Liked by 1 person

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