First Impressions: Winter 2016 Favorites

Hey guys! So the winter season is up and running, there have been quite a few shows, and since I mentioned there were quite a few shows I wanted to check out, I thought I’d tell you all how my adventures went! I won’t talk about series with second seasons since I haven’t checked those out yet. Kind of…I mean, I checked out GATE but not enough where I could form thoughts other than, it’s OK. And then I still need to finish Snow White!

Anywho, I’ll start off with two of my favorites! Two that I am really excited about and that I’m sure I’m not the only one fangasaming over. Continue reading

Creative Blogger Award [My Eating Habits]

Hey guys!

creative-bloggerGreat news, I’ve been nominated for another award (and the crowd goes wild! or not…). So I’d like to thank MindMischief for the nomination and for using the Contact Me page. That was so helpful! I got an email and it’s sitting there at the front of all my junk with a star, no way I can lose that there, haha

To check out MindMischief’s post, please click here. If you don’t know the rules, it’s pretty simple: Continue reading

My 2015 Stats

Hey guys! So it looks like EVERYONE has posted up their 2015 stats and being the procrastinator that I am, I’ve finally decided to get typing and showing you all how much love I’ve received this year!

To be honest, I never really expected this blog to go anywhere. My first post is dated November 2014 though honestly, my blog was private at the time. I didn’t want to have it public and then not do anything with it.

It’s actually one of the more sound decisions I’ve made because afterwards I have a post for December 2014 and I disappear until March!

So these stats are from March to December 2015. Thanks so much for coming to my blog, commenting, following, or just being silent readers. The numbers may seem itty bitty compared so some other aniblogs but to me they’re awesome! All of this fuels me and I hope to leave these stats in the dust for 2016! Continue reading