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Hey guys! So I kind of just wanted to rant about something that happened recently. Feel free to bop me over the head or agree with me at the end

On Twitter I was contacted by a random person about a tweet I put out a while back. I know I wrote about it here, the Tezuka print package I got from the Digital Manga Kickstarter. They asked if I could scan my books so that they could read it and I answered that I don’t scan my books. I even told them that if they wanted the books, Digital Manga still had some on their site for purchase.

Now, when people I’ve never talked to contact me I always try to be polite. If they fangasm at me I fangasm back, if they talk like a normal human then I’ll do the same, and if they talk to me in ancient languages…well, I’ll do my best, haha. This time, however, this person really upset me and I brought my indignant tone out. 

After directing them to Digital Manga’s site they told me that they were broke and therefore couldn’t buy the books they were asking for. I totally understand the being broke part, I know sometimes I have to hold back on buying stuff for that very reason but it’s also called saving money or getting a job.

Curiosity getting the best of me, I went to their Twitter account (which is only 4 days old) and it’s just filled with requests for books to be obtained for FREE. I ended up blocking them because they just couldn’t understand that no, I won’t scan by books, and yes, I understand you’re broke but I’m not about to hand over $130 worth of manga (this is how much I paid in the kickstarter, I believe it’s more if you didn’t participate).

That’s about 16 hours of my life!

Anyways, please support the industry, don’t be a douche and go around asking for things for free with no intention of ever buying anything. People work hard to obtain stuff like this and then there’s this person who just wants to leech off that hard work. And who knows, maybe they’ll find someone that will actually agree to trade their One Piece chapters but it won’t be with me.

I like getting stuff translated, dubbed, and released here and if I started doing something like this I’d feel like I was betraying what I love most.

And what’s even worse about this whole thing is that there are many alternatives to obtaining manga. The e-books are available and cheaper, subscriptions are available from sites like Crunchyroll, and even libraries are starting to carry more manga. I know at my library they’ve started to add more titles and whenever I requested a book and they didn’t have it, they tried their best to obtain their own copy or a copy from another library.

Am I being overly mean? I don’t know but this is how I feel about this particular scenario. Gosh, I feel so bad about this and I also want to mention that I don’t go around hating on people that don’t support the industry (I’m sure everyone has their reasons). This time I just felt upset because no means no and this person didn’t understand that the first time around.

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6 thoughts on “Support the Industry

  1. I agree with you completely! How can someone expect an industry to continue when they are not willing to pay to help support it? You had every right to be a mean towards them. This person should have understood that you did not feel comfortable with scanning things you had paid good money for.

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  2. I agree with you. That guy was just acting childish. Some people just don’t understand NO MEANS NO.

    When I was in Taiwan, I spent a significant chunk of my holiday money on volumes of Ah! My Goddess! manga. One of the happiest and most fulfilling moments of my life. 🙂

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  3. I totally think you’re right Crimson. Manga is expensive but if you love it you would support it. The nerve of that gal/guy. The thing is lots of fans have gotten spoiled, but it is up to us to put them in their place. Of course all in the name of love for anime and manga. 😊

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