2016 Conventions: Tentative List

Hey guys!

As the new year starts rolling in, I also start rolling out to unexplored conventions (even though I say unexplored, most of these conventions are some that I’m either a regular at or some I’ve gone to at least once before). While I had planned to tone down my con adventures, I found that it was pretty impossible to do so.

Luckily, my first convention seems to be listed for May, which gives me some time to save up for the dealer’s hall…probably, haha Continue reading

Daiya no Ace: Mid-Season Thoughts

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in on a series I started a while back, Diamond no Ace (Ace of the Diamond). I wrote up a first impression back in August and I thought I’d tell you all how I’m liking the series.

As a note, I usually finish shows pretty quickly (even the longer ones) but this one has just taken me so long. One obvious reason is that I was busy with school between September and November, and even after classes I’ve gotten really bad internet connection.

What about the other reason? It’s pretty simple really, I don’t want it to end! I’ve actually just finished episode 50, which means 25 more episodes until I can move on to season 2! So much for a mid-season thoughts post, I’m already past the mark!

But I thought this would be a good place to stop since the characters have finally gotten a ‘break’ between their games.

Since episode 2 we’ve learned that Sawamura Eijun really only has passion for baseball and that his actual talent is overshadowed by his crazy exclamations of wanting to be the Ace. Coming to Seidou quickly shows him that he’s not the only one who wants to become the best and if he really wants to become Ace, the first thing he needs to do is become an official member of the team.  Continue reading

Support the Industry

Hey guys! So I kind of just wanted to rant about something that happened recently. Feel free to bop me over the head or agree with me at the end

On Twitter I was contacted by a random person about a tweet I put out a while back. I know I wrote about it here, the Tezuka print package I got from the Digital Manga Kickstarter. They asked if I could scan my books so that they could read it and I answered that I don’t scan my books. I even told them that if they wanted the books, Digital Manga still had some on their site for purchase.

Now, when people I’ve never talked to contact me I always try to be polite. If they fangasm at me I fangasm back, if they talk like a normal human then I’ll do the same, and if they talk to me in ancient languages…well, I’ll do my best, haha. This time, however, this person really upset me and I brought my indignant tone out.  Continue reading

WakuWafu Award [Chemistry Building with Lyndere Club]

Hey guys~ I have for you all another nomination! Like the last one I did, this one is almost three months old and if I hadn’t been mousing around Lyn’s blog I may have never remembered being nominated for this!

Unlike the other awards, I actually know this award was made by WakuWafu, which is a blog created by two anime, game, and J-culture lovers. Currently, they have three bloggers on staff! This is actually the first time I’ve gone to their page but not the first time I’ve heard of them Continue reading

Diamond no Ace: Miyuki’s Profile on Volume 3

Hey guys~ So I forgot to mention that I got some more books on here the other day. I know I was posting up some pictures on my Twitter but I’m here now to show you my lovely new books!

You see, on the day before Thanksgiving I went to Kinokuniya and being the manga addict that I am, I bought some books and ordered the first four volumes of Diamond no Ace 😀 Continue reading