[Review] Always Raining Here by Hazel + Bell

Hey guys! Not sure if you all remember (I know I forgot for a while), but I mentioned being part of the 2o15 Manga Reading Challenge and here I am, writing about a possibly, hopefully web-manga. I know Daiya corrected me on my previous selection for the web-manga prompt and hopefully (*crosses fingers*) I got this one right!

And if not I’ll just find another category for it…haha! So yes, for web-manga I decided to pick Always Raining Here, a little comic I’d been meaning to check out for a while now but that I hadn’t for X-reasons. I can’t even remember why


But yes, this is a short little comic by Hazel + Bell, Hazel is the artist and Bell is the writer. I leave you their Tumblr accounts if anyone wants to check out their pages. They also try to update weekly and leave updates on each page. I believe I read (somewhere) that they were going to take a break for the holidays so yeah  🙂

Always Raining Here is about two gay high school students, Adrian and Carter who meet under interesting circumstances (Carter randomly went up to Adrian and proposed they have sex) and how they come to get to know each other. Adrian has a rather mysterious past associated with unrequited love and broken hearts, while Carter just really wants to get laid.

As Carter tries to get into Adrian’s pants, he realizes that he might actually be falling in love with the troubled teen. And as pressure starts to pile up on Adrian, he realizes that he needs to change before things go downhill once more.


When I first started reading this I didn’t think I’d enjoy it. It seemed rather embarrassing and I even contemplated stopping but I went on. I can be a trooper sometimes…! So I covered my face a couple times, laughed out loud, and finally I sat down with this with the intent to commit.

While the art style isn’t exactly the style I prefer, I did enjoy the characters and how they looked. Having all the pages be in color was also pretty foreign to me but it wasn’t a bad thing. I actually really liked that all the pages were in color and having tried to color something once before, I’m amazed Hazel can get these out so nicely done weekly. This is dedication!

I will say that there were a couple parts where I thought the art was lacking. Kind of like the artist just decided to put out whatever, but I’m going to go with this being part of the style since it happens quite a few times. I am hoping it doesn’t become a thing since I think there are better options to aim for. I mean, even the little transitional drawings are better rendered then some of the things that happen in the actual comic (like this picture I leave you).


Other than the main characters, I also enjoyed getting to know Maria. Maria is Andrew’s best friend and she just reminds me of that friend that we all have, the one that speaks reason to us when we’re being douches. The one that can read just about all the signs that we ignore with ourselves but find in other people’s love lives.

Yeah, I know you all know who I’m talking about! 😛

She’s also the only reoccurring female character that seems to have a function (to push the two together). I do hope we get to learn more about her as the story progresses since she’s pretty cool. We’re also introduced to Carter’s sister but she’s kind of that side character that shows up every once in a while…and by once in a while I mean like twice so far?


Overall, I was really happy to finally check this story out. I actually went out and followed the official comic’s Twitter account (for updates) and both Hazel and Bell’s Twitter (for updates), dedication no? 😀

I will definitely recommend it, especially if you want a few laughs but also want to read something serious about everyday teenager romance problems 🙂

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