[Review] Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion

Hey guys! Today I bring you another ‘first impression’ 🙂

After being bombarded on Twitter with screenshots of Adventures Tri, I finally got myself to turn on the Roku, which was living among cobwebs by this point, and sat myself down with some ice cream. Lyn may or may not have also been a force that pushed me towards my comfy chair.

I mean, it’s not like she was sending me in love emoji’s and was screaming out how much she was in love with Tai and TK and other characters. Nope, not doing that at all.

Anyways, when I first heard that this was going to come out I was pretty ecstatic. Whenever people ask ‘Pokemon or Digimon’ I am, without a doubt, a Digimon person. Like a lot of people probably did, I picked up Digimon as a child when it aired on Fox KidsTV. I watched the first season, second, Tamers, and Frontier. Both my brothers are fans and we were just all over the news of Adventure Tri.

So far there are only 4 episodes, which is apparently the first part of a 6 part film. The second part is scheduled for release next year on March 12th and is dubbed ‘Determination.’ According to the run-time, it’s 75 minutes long, so about another 3 – 4 episodes to look out for.

In the meantime, Reunion takes place 6 years after Tai and his friends were first transported to the Digital World and 3 years since the second Adventures season. I won’t go into too much detail in terms of events, otherwise I’d be telling you everything that happened, but essentially, Reunion is like the Digimon Movie. We have Digimon coming into the real world through distortions in space, our DigiFriends coming to fight the evil Digimon, and in general there is much chaos and destruction.

The major difference is that while some DigiDestined are all for fighting this new threat, our very lovable goggles-wearing Tai is in a state of doubt. Are they really doing the right thing? Are the fears and hateful words that normal everyday people feel and say justified? How far until they’ve gone too far?

We’re also introduced to a new character named Meiko Mochidzuki, a new transfer student that has moved in near Tai’s home and is also in his class. She seems to be what the Digimon that are coming through to the real world are after (or it may possibly be because of her Digimon Meicoomon), but honestly at this point I’m not sure what the point of the story is, especially if we’re stopping at the 4 episode mark.

7-01 Meicoomon

The art is extremely different from the original or any of the sequels that I watched.  It’s very neat and clean, and the characters almost remind me of Tsuritama because of how long they are and their coloring. (**Update: So I just learned the character designs were done by the same person**)

However, there are two major changes for me with this new release: the voices and names. Since I watched this on TV, I’m used to the dub cast so hearing some of the voices that came from the characters was really foreign to me. I got used to them by episode 4 but in my head (as I remember certain scenes) I can only hear the dub of my childhood. Names were an especially big part that threw me off. I know Lyn told me the characters have kept their original Japanese names but to me Izzy is Izzy, Matt is Matt, and TK is TK (I know, I’m terrible)

Overall, watching this was fun in a new way. There were so many things that just really blew me away but also things that disappointed me. One of my biggest disappointments was how calm the show is. I was hoping to get my adrenaline pumping but the fights were very bland. It was only in episode 4 where everyone faced off Alphamon where I got excited. But then it just went by really quickly once Tai’s resolve came back to him. I think if they’d dedicated more time to the fight then things wouldn’t have felt rushed.

I also have to say I really miss the way Digivolving happened in the first two seasons. The way it looks now is very visually pleasing but I feel like it takes away from the excitement of the fight.

But yes, this feels like a Digimon for an older audience, which is most likely all of us. As the stage setter I think things could have gone better, especially if this is technically a movie. I’m curious to know how viewers who haven’t watched the original Digimon reacted to this, which honestly sounds like an impossible task. I mean, even my 10 year old brother has watched the original Digimon.

And if any Digimon fans could tell me what their thoughts on Tri were that’d be awesome. I almost feel like I’m the only one more disappointed than impressed.

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