My NOTPs and 2 Reasons I NOTP

Hey guys!

Here comes another OTP post because why not? So far I’ve talked about some of my anime crushes, my husbando harem (which is actually a yaoi OTP harem/armada hybrid), and how these OTPs came to be. With so much happiness and sunshine, I decided I should probably talk about some of my other habits in the OTP realm and that includes the NOTP.


Basically, an NOTP is a pairing that you cannot ever see as a couple for whatever reason. UK here expresses how I feel when I come into contact with my NOTPs.

Now, I actually only have two reasons why I have NOTPs. One of them is a matter of possessiveness on my part. When I settle for an OTP I can be very exclusive and I don’t consider myself a multishipper. If I were a multishipper my life would be much easier and I wouldn’t have gray hairs

The only exception to this multishipping rule is Sakura from Naruto. While I prefer her with Itachi, I can also see her with Kakashi (guys, forbidden romances are my thing), kind of with Deidara, Sasori, and possibly others. I would like to blame Lady Hanaka for my Sakura x Akatsuki pairings, haha.

The only two people I can never see with Sakura are Naruto and Sasuke, and I’m sure you all can imagine how I took the news on the Sakura x Sasuke being canon

‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Now, a recent example of my possessiveness is my current obsession with MiSawa. I absolutely cannot look at any Chris x Sawamura, Furuya x Sawamura, Chris x Miyuki, or any other characters with Sawamura and Miyuki. To me Sawamura and Miyuki can only ever be paired together, even when some of the previously mentioned pairings have credibility to them (cough cough credibility)


It’s totally possible to ship Chris and Sawamura. In the anime, Sawamura is initially disgusted with Chris’s crushed spirit, saying that all of the training he was getting wasn’t going to take him anywhere. After expressing his feelings to Miyuki and the scout Lady (sorry) he’s shown the truth of Chris’s situation.

After this Sawamura follows Chris around like a puppy as he’s completely gained new respect for the older student. It comes to a point where he’s practically stalking Chris and calling him Senpai 24/7.

Still, I refuse to go in this direction and if I see it on my dash enough times I will stop following people. Tragic isn’t it? Alas, that’s how it goes.

My second reason for NOTPs has more to do with the actual character interactions and less to do with me being a Yaoi Dictator (well, only a little less). I’ll use my most detested pair for this example: Kikyo and Inuyasha.

Now, I actually could see the Kikyo x Inuyasha pair before the whole Naraku incident, but afterwards? I just couldn’t understand why Inuyasha would always fall back to her and allow her to pretty much manipulate him. And this interaction happened all the way up to her permanent death. These types of relationships are the ones that bother me the most. The unhealthy ones. The ones where the characters acknowledge something is wrong and still continue together.

And if you read yaoi, you’ll also notice that a lot of yaoi portray unhealthy relationships! That’s probably why very few of my favorite pairings are actually canon

Well, there’s also the thrill of being able to play God among the 2D world but that’s another story for not another time LOL

I’ll give another example, this time yaoi-related.

I know that in Pan’s A Brief Analysis on Shipping, she mentions that she doesn’t ship Levi x Eren because she’s seen some rather unhealthy fanart (and that’s totally fine), but for me Levi x Eren are just…one of my most major OTPs. I have spent quite a bit (A LOT) of money on these two and I will continue to do so until the end of times~

Or until I’ve gone completely bankrupt, which I’m hoping won’t be too soon. I mean, my job’s not great but I think it can support my yaoi habits for a bit…


But the reason I’m so into them is probably because I haven’t been bombarded with the fanart she’s seen (and I can totally see it). The whole Levi kicking Eren in the courthouse really brought out some strange fetishes to the surface in the fandom world. I try to stay clear of all that, especially in fanfiction, which is why I’m so thankful for tags.

They guide me 🙂

Also, the fact that Levi as a character is just amazing really allows for some great Levi x Eren fanworks to be created. I mean, the guy is protecting Eren and while at times it seems like he’s abandoning him, Levi’s really serious about protecting those who are under him (keke)

But yes! That’s all I really have to say about NOTPs. I’ve yet to be part of the shipping wars as I think they’re called. And I don’t ever plan to as everyone should be able to ship whoever they want together. The only thing I’m sad about is not being a multishipper.

One time, a friend of mine had me read a Sasuke x Sakura story and reluctantly I did. I actually really liked the story and that just surprised me, what with me being an anti-SasuSaku person. If I were a multishipper I would be able to immerse myself in even more beautiful fanart and fanfiction

Ah, the things I’m missing out on~

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4 thoughts on “My NOTPs and 2 Reasons I NOTP

  1. I feel like I’m one of the very few people that doesn’t have NOTPs and I just ship everyone together. Well.. Maybe I do have NOTPs. I’m not a fan of het ships and rarely actually ship them unless they’re canon. Also, RinHaru isn’t that great either, but, meh, lol.
    Good read though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not a big fan of RinHaru either, but that’s more because I don’t like Rin in general, I prefer him with Sousuke because they’re both jerks 😛

      :0 woah, I don’t ship a lot of hetero couples either and the ones that I do I wouldn’t call OTPs

      thanks for reading :3


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