[My Top] Minor Female Characters in Anime/Manga

Hey guys!

It looks like today is day five of NaBloPoMo and I’ve got to say, I’m slightly impressed with myself! I almost gave in yesterday and didn’t post anything (I blame the yaoi fanfiction I stumbled upon) but all is well now! I managed to get something, even if it was a rather short post, written.

And now, as I lay here like the bum that I am, wondering what this next post may be about a conversation comes to mind. The best part is that it’s anime related!

It’s actually a conversation I frequently have with my brother and it’s most likely going to come up in future conversations again. Basically, my brother argues that I hate/detest/dislike all female characters. Now, this may or may not be true (I agree for it being a lie but I could be wrong…) but today I’ve come to show you all that there are female characters that I like!

So I’ve made a bit of a list and dubbed it ‘Favorite Female Characters,’ even though favorite may be stretching things a little too much 😛

The only rule here is that the female characters cannot be the protagonists of the show! Why? Well, I probably wouldn’t be watching the show if I didn’t like the protagonist. These characters are in no specific order, enjoy!

Yuu Kashima

Screen shot 2014-12-16 at 10.11.00 AM

Easily one of my favorite characters from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Kashima is extremely hilarious and whenever I see her I know something good is bound to happen. Known at school as the Prince, she easily has every girl swooning for her, which irritates her senpai Hori, the president of the school drama club.

She’s that cool and smooth character I wish I could be like but can’t because I’d combust from all the embarrassing and stupid things she says, haha! I guess in that way I’m more like Mikoshiba who tries to be smooth but can’t handle it

Elizabeth Milford

I just have to say that Elizabeth is probably one of the most frustrating characters I’ve ever known. My dislike for her runs so deep that just seeing a picture of her or even hearing her voice (dub or sub) makes me cringe.

Her love of the color pink and all things cute has always disturbed me, especially when she’d just invade Ciel’s house, doing as she pleased to the mansion and the servants.

But then I met Elizabeth Milford from the Kuroshitsuji manga and my opinion totally went from total contempt to amazement and respect. In the manga we learn that what we’ve seen from the very beginning is nothing but an appearance that she wears when in reality she surpasses her brother in sword fighting and is willing to put herself in danger for her loved ones (i.e. Ciel). She even goes so far as to place her desires second to becoming the perfect wife fit to stand next to Ciel Phantomhive.

I hope she makes more frequent appearances like this one (Zombie/Phoenix Arc) though I doubt my dislike for her anime counterpart will ever go away

Kanami Yuta

One of my older favorite characters (and by older I mean she’s from an anime show I watched when I was much younger), Kanami Yuta is everything you would want in a child. In fact, she’s even more considering she’s an eight-year-old. She works, she takes care of finances, does housework, worries about an idiot husband housemate, and stands up for what is right.

She’s everything I should aspire to be but that I will never achieve 😛

I picked her because I don’t think she’s a main character. She does become more important at the end of the show, especially when she’s kidnapped by Mujo, but for the most part I feel S-cry-ed is mainly about Kazuma and Ryuho. But if she is a main character…oh well, she’s still great 😀

Hinami Fueguchi


So I know that a lot of people think that Touka is pretty cool from Tokyo Ghoul but she doesn’t really do it for me. Hinami on the other hand, I think it pretty cool. We get to know her when she’s a wee child, as her mother and she are hiding at Anteiku. We get to experience some very emotional and heartbreaking moments when she loses both of her parents and she’s forced to grow up.

Time skip in the manga and we get a completely new side of the once shy and innocent Hinami. Still loyal enough to place her life on the line and be captured by ghoul investigators, she has my deepest respects. Not only that but she’s learned enough to be able to fight with extremely powerful ghoul head on and is an information gatherer for the Aoigiri Tree (which probably isn’t cool but just the skill is impressive).

The only thing that pains me is to see her so distant and almost emotionless, as if she doesn’t care for much anymore.

Hange Zoe

I feel like this is one of those characters I should be able to just name, leave a picture, and just say she’s awesome and everyone should believe me (because what about this picture is not awesome?), haha

But if the picture didn’t convince you, Hange is a very hyperactive veteran member in the show Shingeki no Kyojin who conducts experiments on Titans in order to further knowledge about them. A very passionate and intense character, Hange will often make creepy expressions (such as her drooling face from above), have loud outbursts, will speak for hours on end about her research, and has amazing loyalty.

In addition to all these fangirling emotions we also get to see a more serious side of her in the manga, where she fights with the Survey Corps (which I believe had been disbanded) to show the true colors of the Crown. She’s a character that doesn’t do things halfway and always comes through for the team!

OK, I think I’m going to stop here for now. One because it’s already nearing midnight again and two, because I can’t think of any more characters to add here! I’ve only watched a little over 100 anime shows and most of them I watched when I was younger…There were some characters I briefly thought of such as Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist and Tsunade from Naruto but that I didn’t add for lack of what to say.

It’s just been that long (or maybe my memory’s just that bad, or maybe it’s both!)

Hopefully, you guys know who some of these people are and if you don’t, shame on you because they’re great characters! But what about you guys? Can you think of some minor female characters in anime and/or manga that you really like? Who are they and why? Did you ever watch an anime and dislike a character only to find your opinion completely changing when you checked out the manga? (or maybe vice versa)

Well, that’s all for today and I hope you enjoyed this post! I mean, I noticed I was lacking in the female department here…haha, until next time! 😀

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