Sunshine Blog Award [Halloween Edition]

Hey guys~ So I was nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award…a very long time ago. According to Twitter Otaku Gamer Zone, Lyn, and I were nominated on October 12th…OOPS. So sorry! It looks like I’m the only one who didn’t complete this post before Halloween…OTL

If you haven’t checked out Diaya’s blog then there is seriously something wrong and you have to (like HAVE TO) go check out her awesome blog where she writes about manga, translations, deals, and more awesome stuff.  I’d also recommend following her on Twitter and if anyone wants more of her personal information just contact me, I can tell you EVERYTHING >_> Continue reading

[FF Review] The Trajectory of Laughter by PK Samurai (op92)

Hey guys! I bring you another fanfiction story 😀

This time I’ve been really obsessed with Ace of Diamond so it would only make sense that I’d be devouring AoD fanfiction, particularly Misawa fiction. And the one I’d like to talk about is The Trajectory of Laughter by PK Samurai. Continue reading

[Review] Always Raining Here by Hazel + Bell

Hey guys! Not sure if you all remember (I know I forgot for a while), but I mentioned being part of the 2o15 Manga Reading Challenge and here I am, writing about a possibly, hopefully web-manga. I know Daiya corrected me on my previous selection for the web-manga prompt and hopefully (*crosses fingers*) I got this one right!

And if not I’ll just find another category for it…haha! So yes, for web-manga I decided to pick Always Raining Here, a little comic I’d been meaning to check out for a while now but that I hadn’t for X-reasons. I can’t even remember why Continue reading

New Books: Pre-Thanksgiving Treat

Hey guys~

Just wanted to show you all some new books that I’m really excited about! You see, today was both one of the worst days of my life and best. Worst because I had to go grocery shopping for curry, sushi, and gyoza ingredients, though that’s not the bad part. The bad part is that the store that has many of the essential ingredients is about a 2 hour drive away with 3 tolls. Continue reading