The Creative Blogger Award

And here’s another Blog Award for the summer!

This time around I was nominated by Deelight (Geek Girl Senshi) who was nominated for the Liebster Award, Blogger Recognition Award, and the Creative Blogger Award. Thank you very much for nominating me~! For her nominees, she allowed us to choose whatever award we wanted. Continue reading

[Review] Kuroshitsuji S3: Book of Circus

Guy, I just finished watching (8/13)Β Book of Circus and I feel like intense feels punched me in the gut and now I’m just foaming at the mouth…

To start off I’m a huge fan of the manga and knowing that the Circus and Murder arc were going to be animated, I was super excited~ (though also slightly scared because season 1 was a total disappointment)Β and I just binged on it right now. While I was watching I also noticed a sense of deja vu and then I realized that I’d watched the first 2-3 episodes before they’d been subbed. Continue reading