[Review] Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

Hey guys! I’m back with another anime thoughts post for Devils and Realists. I actually wrote up a first impression about it yesterday and I decided to finish it today (this morning). I’d recommend reading that first since I’m probably not going to go into detail on certain parts I already talked about.

“William Twining, a brilliant aristocrat high schooler and self proclaimed realist, finds out that his school’s tuition has gone unpaid. On his next break, he heads home intent on finding out what the problem is only to find that his family is now bankrupt thanks to his uncle who has mysteriously gone missing. Left with only an empty mansion and one butler named Kevin Cecil, William scours his mansion to find something of value. Instead, what he finds is a secret room in his basement where he accidentally summons a demon named Dantalion who claims he is a descendant of Solomon.

Now, on top of finding a way to raise his family’s financial status and staying in school, William also has to worry about the demons coming after him because he is the “Elector”, the human who has the ability to choose the next temporary ruler of Hell while Lucifer sleeps.”

Before I officially start this I’d like to mention that this is the first anime I’ve written a First Impression and then Final Thoughts for. It almost feels like an achievement! Haha

Anyways, let’s start this. In my previous post I had mentioned that the art was good, animation decent, and characters (for the most part) entertaining. Since the start of episode 5 (which is where I left off), a few new characters were introduced, such as the Angel Gabriel and Raguel, and a loyal soldier Jeanne. On the demons side, I’m sure we met some new people but I can’t actually remember (like when the characters were introduced). There were still no songs that really caught my attention and all I can really say about the opening/ending is that they were decent.

The pace of the story continues on well enough with elements of the plot added here and there until episode 10 happens. Episode 10 is where this series went wrong. You’d think that by this time the plot would be at the forefront of the anime because there are only 3 episodes left. Of course, that’s not the case…


The whole of episode 10 cuts the beginnings of a battle that was going on in episode 9 and throws you into a cultural festival where all the students are competing against each other to see who accumulates the most pins (each student receives one before the festival starts and if they like a booth they give it to the person running the booth). It all counts towards their grades and so William’s goal is to be the winner. Basically, this is a filler.

This episode is actually one of my favorites because we get some butler-Dantalion, princess + maid-Sytry, and a cook-off between Baphomet (Dantalion’s goat butler) and Sytry’s sheep butler! AND, we also get the human forms of Dantalion’s bats, oh they were so adorable!

However, right after we’re thrown into the aftermath of the battle that apparently raged on in Hell, completely ignoring the existence of episode 10. I think it would have worked better to have had episode 10 at the very end or maybe even as a side episode (special?) because it contributes nothing to the overall plot and only destroys the good pace the anime had.

Episode 11 and 12 are dedicated to the plot (William being the Elector/Solomon).

Devils and Realists starts off well enough and the main character is actually a favorite of mine (what with his very stubborn and confident personality), however, the ending completely killed this show for me.

I would probably rate this a 6-7/10, but I’m having trouble really deciding. I mean I enjoyed it to the point where I want to say about 8/10 but then that ending…just makes me want to take points off. But then I feel like I’m being too unfair because if this had ended differently I would have been overjoyed with this show. If anyone saw or knows what happened in the last movie for Twilight (Breaking Dawn P2), that is what happened here!

I would be hesitant in recommending this without giving a proper warning. As a just for fun series this could work.

**Ok, I’m going to rant about the ending now SPOILERS. I’m going to jump around the timeline, sorry**

I’ve actually calmed down from my earlier rage but this is basically what happens in the last 2 episodes:

William is brought to Hell during some kind of meeting where pretty much all the demons that are important are gathered. The only one that isn’t there is Dantalion but it’s expected he’ll show up soon enough. Again, William denies the fact that he’s the Elector and refuses to choose any of the candidates, however, on his way out of the meeting room he drops his family heirloom that the demons recognize as the ring of Solomon.

William is attacked and Dantalion arrives last minute to save him (haha take that evil demons!)

For some reason, William puts on the ring and bam! Solomon is introduced. Solomon destroys the abode they were residing in (along with some lesser demons) and the fight begins. The objective is to steal the ring that Solomon possess so that the demons are no longer under his servitude. Of course, that fails.

In the end, Lucifer wakes up from his slumber, Solomon gives the ring to Dantalion, and William is returned to his school as if nothing had happened. No need to choose a candidate because Lucifer woke up.

NO, I don’t accept this.


First off, that ending totally renders everything else obsolete. The whole point of the anime was for William to choose a demon to be the next emperor of Hell. Doesn’t Happen. Then there was the whole financial crisis with the Twining family, which was solved with William getting a scholarship. I guess that’s alright. I’ll just assume the deadline for it and the results were scheduled until after all the Hell/Heaven shenans.

But there’s still so much stuff that I still have to complain about. For example, why did Lucifer wake up? I know the characters mentioned he was supposed to be asleep for a while (the more powerful a demon the longer their time of rest) and then near the end the higher up demons were saying it was going to be even longer than expected. Basically, I imagined he’d be asleep for years, decades, something like that! But no. He wakes up at the 12 episode mark.

Why did he wake up? Did it have something to do with Solomon appearing? If that’s so isn’t that a bad thing? Since Solomon disappears again (when he willingly gives Dantalion the ring). Does Solomon actually disappear or will he take over William’s body everytime he puts on the ring?

Is there a way to prevent William from disappearing like he almost did this time? Does Solomon soul reside within William or the ring? I know they mentioned that William was a direct descendant of Solomon, but wouldn’t that also mean the rest of the Twining family is as well? This could just be me not understanding something.

UntitledvvvvvThen there was Jeanne (Joan of Arc) who appeared for like 5 minutes and then disappeared. She was the powerful soldier sent to invade Hell while Uriel the Angel went to perform Ecstasy on William (Ooo~ doesn’t that sound exciting haha). Why was she even introduced? Like, not even the only character that had some sort of connection with her (demon Gilles de Rais) wanted to go see her…and then all she does is fight off some lesser demons and leaves.

The power of her virginity sucked if that’s all it did. It’s disappointing to know that the only female character that fought didn’t even leave a good impression. And then Gabriel mentions later on that he knew she wouldn’t last down there because she was so pure…why did he send her then? Why not send someone else? Why did it have to be a new character?

UntitledvvfOh, and back to the whole Solomon destroying Hell, why was he able to recognize all the demons he subjugated (huh this sounds kind of like that one anime with the Nyanko-sensei cat) except for Dantalion? Does it have anything to do with Solomon having Dantalion kill him in his past life? I know some of the characters were also troubled by this, especially considering Dantalion was, I believe, the first he captured. Why was Dantalion able to touch Solomon’s ring? When the one demon Baalberith (Sytry’s uncle) tried to take Solomon’s ring he was outright rejected and blown away (hands burned too).

And where were the angels in all of this? I kind of expected them to take action but they didn’t…

Ah, I’m going to bullet point the rest because this is getting long, haha

  • There’s a part where Baalberith is killing off lesser demons and the same clips are used 3-4 times. I thought that was hilarious
  • It would have been neat if, when Solomon kicked Dantalion’s butt, the other demons would have stood up for him. Then Solomon would not only be confused about Dantalion’s identity but also as to why everyone was protecting him. Like, hmmm who is this guy that my own demons are willing to fight for? Turn against me for? Of course, all they did was stand around chit chatting.
  • UntitledvvvvvcDoes this mean that William will never know who Kevin really is? That he’s like this almost fallen angel with one wing? I read spoilers on Wiki about the real Kevin and I’m just like, that wasn’t shown here!
  • Gabriel kept testing and bullying Kevin only to let things go? I thought he was going to rip off his wing…There was also that one time when he randomly snaps at Kevin for no reason, what was up with that? MPD (does this even affect angels haha)?
  • Why would William be sent back to his school with everyone having forgotten who Dantalion, Sytry, and Camio were only to reintroduce Dantalion in his school uniform? Why not have him in his demon outfit to show that he’s gone? Him being in his school outfit makes me think he’s going to stick around but then why erase everyone’s memories?
  • Sytry and his uncle’s relationship seems…messed up? Or am I reading too much into it?
  • I really liked how the Angels weren’t portrayed as the ‘good guys,’ though it felt like there was a preference for the demons. I preferred the demons too, even the more violent and evil ones, haha

So yeah, that ending just felt like a cop-out. Too convenient. I think it would have been more interesting if William had picked one of the candidates, could have seen what those consequences were and all (maybe while in trouble in the human world and out of desperation he would have chosen someone, of course, he was always conveniently saved before he could say anything).

The way it ends also makes me feel like there could be a continuation. I haven’t seen anything about a season 2 (just checked now) but if there is one I’d probably watch it because I’m a masochist, haha.

I am reading the manga and while I’m very behind…I will definitely continue. I want to see if it’s better developed there (not to mention the art is really nice!).

And that concludes my ‘review’/rant of this series. If you’ve watched this, what do you think about the stuff I’ve mentioned above? Does this stuff bother you? Is there other stuff that you didn’t like? (I know there’s something I’m missing, I can FEEL IT) Have you checked out the manga? Is it better?

Thanks for reading~ (●´□`)♡

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4 thoughts on “[Review] Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

  1. No. The ending did not bother me. I am just too in love with Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist. More importantly I originally began the anime series and afterwards I began the manga series so I have many fond memories with the anime.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lately I’ve been reading manga and then finding its going to have an anime, that’s what happened with this series 🙂 the bad thing is that I can’t really remember the manga must re-read!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved Devils and Realist so much that I had to start reading that manga. If you liked the series but not the ending, I’d recommend that for you, too. I haven’t caught up with the manga yet, but it already seems better and has better flow. Also, when you think about it, if William were to pick someone as interim ruler, then who ever he chooses will heavily effect the series. Since it continues beyond the anime, the creators probably didn’t want to drop a lot of the fandom just because fans don’t like who William would choose.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually started reading the manga before watching the anime but it’s been a while since I read it , probably left off around v4? Probably lol I suppose that makes sense but the point of the series is that he’s supposed to be the elector so if anything I’d like for that to happen in the manga, bc if he doesn’t then I’d feel cheated :/ (exception: if there’s actually something bigger going on)


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