Currently Watching: Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist (Ep 1 – 5)

Before I start this first impression I have a serious question: Am I just forcing the BL interaction between the characters because I like yaoi or is it really there?

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just in my head because I’ll be watching anime with my brother and he’s all ok about stuff and then I’ll be like, Did you see that? That was totally yaoi and I’ll say why and he’ll just be like no -__- what have you done, you’ve ruined it (haha)

Because seriously, a lot of the anime I’ve watched recently have that feel. Or maybe the BL really is there and I’m unconsciously gravitating towards those types of shows…Anyways, the reason I decided to watch Devils and Realist was that I’m a reader of the manga and I noticed the anime was complete so no delays what-so-ever (at least on the episode’s part). The roku/internet connection (not sure which is at fault here) is another thing…


William Twining, a brilliant aristocrat high schooler and self proclaimed realist, finds out that his school’s tuition has gone unpaid. On his next break, he heads home intent on finding out what the problem is only to find that his family is now bankrupt thanks to his uncle who has mysteriously gone missing. Left with only an empty mansion and one butler named Kevin Cecil, William scours his mansion to find something of value. Instead, what he finds is a secret room in his basement where he accidentally summons a demon named Dantalion who claims he is a descendant of Solomon.

Now, on top of finding a way to raise his family’s financial status and staying in school, William also has to worry about the demons coming after him because he is the “Elector”, the human who has the ability to choose the next temporary ruler of Hell while Lucifer sleeps.

Ok, to start off I just want to say that I really like William. He’s a character to admire. Instead of panicking or thinking of taking a break from school (or even asking someone for help), William immediately tries to solve ‘his’ problems on his own. He knows he doesn’t have money so he actively seeks out scholarships even though that might be seen as negative and even contemplates skipping another grade (confidence!).

When he finds out that Dantalion paid for his tuition it grates on his nerves because he doesn’t want to be indebted to a demon (but readily accepts the idea of a patron who funds students with great potential because he’s obviously got more than enough potential).

He sticks to his ideas, not being swayed even though he’s being constantly attacked by demons and even the Church. And just him being so stubborn as a realist is very entertaining. I love the explanations that he comes up with when it concerns demons. The way he can be so lazy at times, trying to get out of certain activities even though he’s a prefect and supposed to set an example.

Just his confidence is great (๑→‿←๑)

So far I have no complaints about his character. I want to see more and I will because I can (though probably not today, tomorrow, haha)

Can you just feel the yaois ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ»

So that was my William is awesome rant but the other characters are also pretty interesting. There are Dantalion and Sytry who are both demons running for Hell’s throne. Both are close to William and are constantly trying to trick him into choosing them to be the next ruler of Hell (if you choose me I’ll do X-thing for you). Of course, William always resists.

A few things have been revealed about both of them (like what kind of demons they are, who they serve, what they control, stuff like that) but it looks like the more important thing going on with them is that they crave for William’s approval (of their existence) because he’s a direct descendant of Solomon and therefore has his soul. However, that’s not going so well because (1) William refuses to believe in the supernatural and (2) he remembers nothing of his past life. And then reason 1 isn’t helping him remember either.

There are also other characters introduced like Cameo (another candidate for Hell’s throne) and Kevin (William’s last remaining butler and new school pastor) but I won’t talk about them because there’s not much of the anime that makes them mysterious or interesting yet.

Pacing is going rather well, don’t have complaints there. I like how the school setting is incorporated into the story (main setting). It’s not like other anime that introduce it for an episode and then it’s gone. The plot is introduced since episode 1 so you know the show is basically going to be about demons trying to get their paws on William because he’s the Elector. The art is great, the animation is really good, and the music decent. There haven’t been any songs that have really caught my attention yet though.

Also, it’s nothing too bad but William’s voice is not what I expected. It’s a bit deeper than I thought it’d be but there seems to be a range for him. Like his voice will be deeper in some moments than in others (I prefer when it’s not which is usually when he’s shouting in his head or being cute and stuff). I thought I’d get used to his voice by now since it’s almost been 5 episodes but I guess I’m still feeling off about it. That’s the only one that really bothered me.

Will definitely continue because I’ve yet to see anything I’m really dissatisfied with and it feels like there’s intense yaoi feels (He belongs to me!)

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15 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist (Ep 1 – 5)

  1. Yes! I can feel the yaois. Then again it could be all in my head. I get accused of that sometimes. The reason I come up with BL leanings with Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist is mainly there are so many guys around William and then at one point he even blushed at Dantalion. I mean how can I not think this then? There are so many signs. Question: Who is your favorite character in the series so far?

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    • He’s always blushing at Dantalion it’s so cute! And then Dantalion doesn’t even know what personal space is, always leaning his face near william and kneeling before him , grabbing his hand, ugh I’m just dying here !!

      Mmmm, probably have to say William, haha, yours?

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      • I know! I am always getting happy and super thrilled when those moments come up.

        All of them except those that are outright bad guys. I like Sytry, Dantalion, Kevin, Camio, and William. Yet, I also like the other angels and demons introduced in the anime series. It is one of the few anime where I can safely say I like them all .

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        • I dont really have an opinion of cameo since he hasn’t really done anything yet but I also like all the other characters. I know that this one Angel hasn’t been introduced yet but I briefly met him in the manga (think it might’ve been Gabriel) and I just hate his guts ,haha. Ah! There’s also the goat butler, hes awesome too x)

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  2. I didn’t really like the plot of the anime, it’s not very original, but I watched it anyway because of the hot guys. The BL element is subtle to almost non-existent. I wish there was more BL moments that I could fan myself over.

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      • I say go for it. It was anti-climactic, that ending. But I enjoyed it, or tried to enjoy it, while it lasted. I don’t really feel too bad about since it’s such a short series.

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        • It was!! I was so sad ;__; bc while it wasn’t amazing I was enjoying it and then NOTHING HAPPENS

          It’s a kind of new series though isn’t it? Are there no news on a second season?


          • Well, given how the series ran, I’m not too enthusiastic about a second season. I’m not hearing anything about it, so I guess no. But if there will be a season 2, I’ll watch just because I like its cast of seiyuu.

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  5. i haven’t been keeping up with the manga but i did buy a few volumes so gotta keep reading!! glad to know it’s a good read 😀

    oh man, i really liked the anime (all things considered) but then the ending completely ruined it for me. it was rather anticlimactic and just felt like i was being cheated! i’d have been glad if they’d even left it open ended but nahhhh Orz

    Dantalion x William YESSSS, i’ve seen some fanart for that and read like 1 story and wow yes pls i need more~


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