Currently Watching: Aoharu x Machinegun (Ep 1 – 5)

**Sorry this turned a bit ranty**

Hey guys! So today I have another anime that I’m having mixed feelings about (why are there so many that do this to me). Aoharu x Machinegun…to be honest, I had to watch the first episode of this in two sittings. After the first sitting, I was just like nope not continuing but then I was thinking and in need of some anime. So I figured I’d at least finish the first episode before I decided on anything. In the end, I was able to successfully finish up to episode 5 without cringing too many times…

Oh and another reason I decided to give this anime a chance was that at AX we got to see a sneak preview and I actually thought it was neat.



After hearing about how a host extorted money from her friend, Hotaru Tachibana, high school student and believer of justice, single-mindedly goes out to seek compensation for such vile acts. When she arrives at the host club, however, Tachibana is mistakenly thought to be a boy and is prevented from further entry. Luckily (or unluckily), she is saved by her new next door neighbor, Masamune, who is revealed to be the host who dealt with her friend.

Not really understanding what he’s being accused of, Masamune none the less challenges Tachibana to a one-on-one survival fight with the following conditions: if he lost then he’d apologize and do whatever was necessary to right his wrongs, however, if he won then Tachibana would belong to him.

And thus starts Tachibana’s life as a boy playing survival games.

Ok! That sounds about right. Now for my thoughts.

bona fide

The art was really nice (as you can see from the picture, dah~) and the animation was really nice too. I especially liked the eyes (so sparkly) and hair (so fluffy). The fight scenes are pretty fluid…though I only really liked the first one, the others were too short to even call fights…but if I really had to compliment the animation somewhere, I’ll say it’s in the opening song! That was just amazing, I am drooling over the movement of Tachibana in the opening.

The way she’s just jumping around the terrain dodging BB pellets, the relationship I can see between our three main characters, and how the guns look. Mhm, with just that opening I would be hooked. The music is really nice too, I listened to it for all five episodes before I realized I was.

If I had to pick out some things I was iffy about I’d say the plot and characters are at the top. I don’t really feel much for the characters so far, especially the third main character Yukimura who has this strange obsession with Masamune and doesn’t want to make friends. There are some things that I like about him (like how loyal he is and how he can be such a fanboy) but then there are times when he explodes and attacks people without any explanation (I mean we see hints but what does Hotaru have to do with his past?). Not to mention that he goes from you’re my enemy to let’s be friends in less than an episode…where did your assholeness attitude go?

Then there’s Hotaru’s friend (can’t remember her name but she has pink hair). She only showed up in 2 episodes and her only role was only to (1) tell us that Hotaru was a girl and (2) to send Hotaru into Masamune’s hands. I can’t imagine she’ll show up again and if she does I’ll be like why? 

Yukimura being a jerk

And finally our protagonist Hotaru who is overly dramatic with everything she does, which is pretty funny when she’s being tested on her survival game abilities but when it’s outside of that I get embarrassed. (/﹏\) Lucky for me she starts to calm down after the second episode…

She’s also constantly worried about how she hasn’t fixed this misunderstanding regarding her gender (everyone thinks she’s a boy), and I’m just wondering when she’s going to say something. Sometimes I’m okay with her forgetfulness because it shows that gender doesn’t matter and let’s just have fun. But then there’ll be a moment when she’s being called a man and she’s consciously thinking, but I’m a girl and not fix it.

Can’t fault the memory there, so why hasn’t she said anything? Her ‘hidden identity’ actually makes more sense later on when she realizes that her gender could cause her to be kicked out of a sport she really likes but before that I’m just like why are you hiding this fact? Then I’ll wish she were actually a guy so that this would feel like a yaoi haha

Also, is Hotaru a unisex name? Boy name or girl name? I just thought the name would help identify her gender but I guess not?

The only one that I felt really had potential was Masamune because there seemed to be some mystery behind his I don’t let girls join my team but that was ruined when Yukimura told Hotaru what happened. Mystery gone. At least there’s still his enthusiasm that’s fun to watch (though I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes angst once the tournaments start). He’s also really handsome >.>

We’re also introduced to some of our antagonists and I swear this is begging me to start pairing off guys together! (Too late I’ve already done it, your fault for pushing down Yukimura and making it look like you wanted to bang him). One of them is a sadist and the other a masochist, perfect pair no?

Oh~! Look at this beauty! Mm, want more (●´□`)♡

Like I already mentioned, by the time episode 5 ends there’s no way the viewer can’t know what’s going on (or even guess at what’s going to happen next). The only thing that keeps me going is the showdowns of all showdowns that is apparently going to happen at this survival game tournament called the TCG.

Will continue because I’ve already watched about half of the show. I’d be a waste not to continue. I did see this has a manga, which I might look at eventually (the art looks gorgeous!).

Oh and if you watch this you’ll probably have deja vu because it feels like an

  • OHSHC (ep 2 – 3, timeskip left me confused) +
  • Hana Kimi (trying to hide the fact that he’s actually a she) +
  • Sports anime (though if you ask me the sports part is lacking, like the show is trying too hard to make survival games appear like the best thing in the world)

Random: My brother and I were arguing as to what to call this. He says it’s a first impression because I haven’t finished it but I’m kind of hesitant on calling this a first impression. I normally think FIs are like tastes of shows, dip your finger into the whipped cream of a milkshake kind of thing, but this feels more like I’ve already drunk half the milkshake. Haha

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