AWA Update

Ok guys, I just need to make this a post because I’m so excited and I even got teary-eyed!

I don’t remember if I mentioned it here but this year I’m going to Anime Weekend Atlanta, after finding out that Reika was going to be there ♥♥ And then right now I randomly wondered, when is AWA again? Novemeber? I am so glad I checked! Because it’s in September, way closer than what I expected! But that’s not all…

I also went over and checked out their guest lineup to see who else was added while I was away (and honestly, I don’t know if anyone was suddenly added but I recognized one of the guests and my jaw just unhinged)

Eir Aoi will be one of the guests!!! 

I wouldn’t call myself a big fan (or even an official fan?) but she does have some nice music, especially Genesis, the ending theme for Aldnoah Zero!! Yes, you’ve heard correctly, my current obsession A/Z!

Here is the short bio from the AWA site:

Singing has been Eir Aoi’s passion all her life; she fronted a band she formed in high school. Her debut single was “Memoria”, the ending theme of TV anime Fate/Zero, which was #8 on the Oricon single chart and sold close to 60,000 copies. Eir Aoi continued to produce many hit singles that were openings of anime such as: “Aurora”, the opening theme of TV anime Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Third Generation series; “Innocence”, the opening theme of TV anime Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance series; “Sirius”, the opening theme of TV anime Kill La Kill; and most recently,”IGNITE”, the opening theme song to the popular TV anime series “Sword Art Online II”.

I guess this means I’ll be stalking two people at AWA (๑´ㅂ`๑)

You can also find more of her videos on Youtube but I’ll leave Genesis here for your viewing pleasure:


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2 thoughts on “AWA Update

    • Ooooooh, gotta check that out! I’m just binging on her songs haha *crosses fingers* I hope I get to meet her! Which reminds me, I wonder if the schedule is up…

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