Currently Watching: GATE (Ep 1 – 3)

Hey guys! So I just started watching a new anime, completely forgetting my to-watch list…But I just couldn’t resist! (๑→‿←๑) According to Crunchyroll there are 3 episodes out right now and a 4th is coming out in a day 😀

As to why I’ve only watched part of episode 3…my mom kicked me out of the living room (time for Novelas), haha. Also, I’ve been eying this series since before the summer season started but then I was hesitant to start it (I have no idea why). Then my brother was like, You should watch GATE, and I was like OK.


In August of 20XX, a mysterious portal appears in the middle of Ginza, Tokyo and from that portal an army of humans and monsters pours out, attacking all the civilians present. The Japan Ground-Self Defence Force is immediately called to action and the mysterious army is defeated. Youji Itami, a JSDF officer and 33 year old otaku finds himself promoted after he heroically helped civilians evacuate on that day, however, instead of feeling ecstatic all he can do is mourn the canceling of the doujin gathering he was going to attend before dragons appeared in the sky. Months later, he finds himself sent to the other side of that portal now dubbed ‘Gate’ and leader of a squad with the purpose of making contact with the people of the land and establishing a friendly relationship.

So apart from how the main character and I understand each other (his job fuels his hobby and he’s got his priorities straight, haha), I really like the animation and just the way this looks in general! It is so beautiful and there are two parts so far where I was like, wow.

  • In one of his daydreams or something, Itami sees a ‘gothic lolita’ (can see her in the opening song) and just the movement as she jumped off this cliff and swung around her giant sword thing (sorry I’m not a weapons person!) was cool! And she’s really pretty
  • There was this pig that came out of the portal and I was like, I’m so glad you didn’t appear here or else I’d be dead. That pig had some moves that I was not expecting.

And well, the first episode was interesting enough for me so now I’m going to continue watching this series! Not to mention that I kind of really like the main character. At first, I thought he might have been daydreaming the whole invasion incident but then I was like, oh! To think there are active otaku!


The only thing that’s kind of getting on my nerves is the constant split screen. There’s a part of me wondering if it’s even necessary (and it’s being overused). My eyes can’t keep up, I’m old!

And lastly (because I just looked it up), Itami is voiced by Junichi Suwabe who has also voiced Worick (Gangsta), Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji), Aomine (KnB), Greed (FMA), etc! And his friend guy too! Ah, Tobio-chan!!

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5 thoughts on “Currently Watching: GATE (Ep 1 – 3)

  1. I finished watching all 12 episodes. I heard they will be doing the other 12 episodes in Jan 2016. Looking forward to it!

    Gate is definitely worth watching.

    PS: Like the MC, I was also in the army and I was already an Otaku back then (shipping Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho and City Hunter and Sailor Moon). But my army life sucked big time and unlike the MC, I was never an officer or NCO. Just a private.

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    • I know! I heard that, I was so sad Dx (even though I’ve not finished s1 lol) I think I’m halfway through though @_@

      Did it suck bc you were an otaku?! Or did that help? lol I don’t actually know a lot of ppl that were in the army but when someone tells me it just surprises me >.<


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