[Review] Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun

I was trying to figure out what number this series would fall into for my ‘2015 Finished Series’ and found I couldn’t remember how many I’ve watched this year. I doubt it ever made it into the double digits realm and so I gave up halfway through. But out of all the anime I did watch, which is few, this one short 12-episode show has to be my favorite thus far!

I was actually watching this when it first came out, but like always I just couldn’t wait and before I knew it 12 episodes was too much for me to watch while in school…but I came back! And almost binge watched this (˶′◡‵˶)

I’d give it a 5/5 or 10/10 if I actually believed a show could be perfect but I don’t so I’ll give it a 4.75/5 and 9.75/10, because that’s almost perfect! (๑→‿←๑)

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun Summary:

One day Chiyo Sakura finally works up the courage to confess to her classmate Umetaro Nozaki, but because of her nervousness she ends up confessing she’s ‘always admired him.’ Mistaking Sakura as a fan of his work ‘Let’s Fall in Love’Nozaki gives Sakura an autograph signed Sakiko Yumeno and invites her to his house to help with beta work. It’s through this that Sakura accidentally becomes Nozaki’s manga assistant and meets a series of wacky characters that are surprisingly, acquaintances of Nozaki’s.

To start off, I’d like to confess that comedy shows of any kind are not my thing and if I can avoid them I will. The only reason I’ll watch something so obviously dubbed comedy is if I’ve accidentally stumbled upon it or if someone recommended it to me. In this case, I can’t remember which scenario it was, haha

My thoughts? I absolutely loved this show! It was amazing and everyone needs to watch it at least once! The main cast is all loveable and while I wasn’t able to remember everyone’s names right off the bat, I could immediately identify them.

Kashima and Hori’s 1st Meet

Even with stereotypical feeling characters, we get a quirk that you’d never really think to connect to that stereotype. For example, there’s Kashima who is the ‘Prince’ character except that Kashima is a girl and all the girls love her. But it doesn’t stop there. She’s also got this obsession with being Hori’s number one and even when she tries to help out she only makes things worse. With a Prince character I always think: cool, calm, collected, good at everything and male but here it’s like, nope, (almost the) complete opposite, haha!

She’s super adorable!

I also really like how we’re immediately placed in a confession scene and you see Sakura all nervous, then, instead of properly confessing her love she says ‘admire/fan’ which totally gives off a different feel to ‘I love you’. Then she turns into one of Nozaki’s close friends and gets to know him even better! (That development was what made me love those two, unfortunately, Nozaki could never take a hint, even if he was a successful shojo mangaka).

Everyone’s complete dedication to what they did made the funny parts even funnier to me (like how serious Nozaki was about the bike scene in his manga and how that translated into the real world).

original (5)

Wakamatsu and Seo, haha

If I had to be nitpicky about something I would have to say that the romance was never resolved. Nozaki and Sakura never get together, and the possible romances with the side/other main characters never happen (Kashima/Hori and Wakamatsu/Seo). But even though they were never resolved I really adored how they interacted with each other. It was really natural and (now that I think about it) having them get into a romantic situation in only 12 episodes would have felt strained (so I’m glad they weren’t).

It’s perfect the way it is (except that I’d also like to see more of their crazy fun-filled lives). Encore! Encore! o(*≧□≦)o

Another thing I’d like to comment on is that the episodes with Maeno and Miyako felt wasted. We never really learned anything other than that Miyako was Nozaki’s neighbor, that she also wrote shojo manga, and that she had Nozaki’s ex-editor Maeno as her editor (and that he sucked). I think two episodes were dedicated to her and I was sad to see that she just felt like filler. Those episodes were also not as funny, haha. (Maybe they could have been used to give us more Nozaki/Sakura!)


My favorites: Mikorin and Kashima (●´□`)♡

But other than that I loved it, everyone should watch it, and I loved it! I will also admit that I was more invested in Seo and Wakamatsu + Kashima and Hori, compared to Nozaki and Sakura. I guess it’s because I never got that romance vibe from Nozaki. Oh, and this is a good show to come back to for rewatching when you don’t particularly want to watch the whole series over again (something I tend to do a lot, skip, skip, skip).

P.s. I watched a lot of this with my 10-year old brother laughing behind me and instead of one maniac echoing throughout the house there were two. My mom was just like, mmhm crazy people. 

P.p.s. Hori’s hair when he’s going to bed, mmhm

P.p.p.s. This anime has (but doesn’t have) *hint, hint* yuri, shounen-ai (BL), and genderbending (you don’t even have to squint). I also love this anime because of this, yay for episode 4! Haha, and Mikorin ♡

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3 thoughts on “[Review] Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun

  1. Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun was not a bad series but it suffered from having a not so good balance between the comedy and the anime stereotypes. Sadly while I enjoyed the anime for the most part I did not think the series was groundbreaking. I would give the series a 3/5. Making the series average.

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