Currently Reading: The Demon Prince of Momochi House [V1]

Today I’ve come to share my thoughts on a purchase I made at AX (that I’m kind of regretting), haha. Our title is The Demon Prince of Momochi House, a shojo manga by Aya Shouoto. Tags related to this book include: Haunted Location, Orphan, Inheritance, Strong Female Lead, and Reverse Harem. (I’d second the strong female lead tag though, but that’s just me)


On her sixteenth birthday, orphan Himari Momochi receives a letter stating that she’s become the owner of Momochi House, a huge mansion left to her by her parents. Filled with happiness at finally having a place to belong, Himari immediately heads over to this mysterious home that is riddled with rumors of being haunted. When she arrives however, she finds three handsome squatters by the names of Aoi, Yukari, and Ise already living there! Immediately turned away from her own house by these gentlemen, Himari vows to drive them out with extreme cuteness. What she doesn’t know, however, is that Momochi House exists in a barrier between the human and spiritual worlds, and that her guests are no ordinary squatters.

This manga is currently ongoing with 7 volumes released in Japan and 1 in the U.S., with a second volume coming out in October. Licensed by VIZ Media.

Aya Shouoto once more dazzles me with her beautiful art! Having checked out Barajou no Kiss years back, I’m glad to see her work is just as beautiful, however, that’s as far as this manga goes for me.


I like how this guy doesn’t accept Himari, haha

The pacing is too quick, having already ‘battled’ three different enemies in one volume. Of course, I call them ‘battles’ but they’re more ‘fan-waving imagine the excitement in your head!’ battles. We’re also introduced to four different characters that I’ve yet to feel anything for: Himari, our female protagonists who is both caring and slightly hotheaded, Ise the spitfire squatter who always bumps heads with Himari, Aoi the mysterious and oblivious male lead, and Yukari the perfect ‘housewife’ who tends to Aoi’s every need. Or rather, I feel like I want to lock our three squatters in a room and tell them to do the yaoi because this manga is just teasing me!

There are moments where I’m confused and wondering, why is this happening? Very little is explained and when it is I’m still left with common sense questions floating around. It also really reminded me of Kamisama Kiss, especially with how Aoi’s other form looks (except that Aoi looks way better).

I know it’s still the first volume and there’s more to come but it’s not even interesting me enough to continue.

I gave it a 2/5 ☆ (it’s ok) on Goodreads and haven’t changed my mind. If I had to make a manga recommendation, this manga wouldn’t even make it into the list (unless someone asked specifically for a reverse harem). If you’ve read the manga and think I’m being too harsh and should give it another chance, please tell me!(˶′◡‵˶)I know her other work Barajou no Kiss was also a reverse harem and I liked it but I stopped reading it because I caught up (just never went back). What are some thoughts people are having with this manga?

P.s. I’m not a fan of harems |_・)

Spoilery Complaints: I’m going to write these in bullet forms, enjoy! Don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled (obviously)

  • What part of Himari is a ‘strong female lead,’? because I am not seeing it right now…I mean, if her not letting three strangers kick her out of her own house means she’s strong then I guess that works…(no) She also immediately falls for Aoi…which isn’t bad but I was hoping for more
  • Is it normal for 16 year olds to own a mansion? She has no family and no job, how is she going to pay for that house? Like taxes and maintenance and bills? Unless this stuff doesn’t exist there, then I guess it’s okay…(and even if she does get a job she’d have to be part-time because she’s a student and part-time jobs don’t pay well enough to be a house owner?)
  • Why was she just okay with keeping those three in her house? I mean, if she really wanted to get rid of them (like she claimed to), I’m sure she could have called the authorities or something (and of course, then she’d find out that she can’t kick Aoi out)
  • Aoi is overly oblivious and I’m just like, who did you sleep with before Himari came to the house? Yukari and Ise? By yourself? Why are you crawling into her bed?! (I know, I know, reverse harem but it still hurts). I mean, I know he came upon the house when he was little but even then, I’m sure he should’ve known what a kiss would mean.
  • Why does Aoi always tell Himari not to look at him when he transforms? No explanation and I can’t believe it’s only because of him being self-conscious or disliking his other form (of course, it could be just that)
  • What was happening in that room where Aoi was naked and on his knees?! With Ise and Yukari…how did Himari not question this!!
  • 21

    In the VIZ trans, Himari says “Their male bonding is more like flirting” (what if they are flirting, lol)

    I know this is a reverse harem and that there are supposed to be really hot guys fawning over the MC but they’re not! Instead, there’s two of them fawning over the third guy (Aoi) and my mind is going in a different direction that is going to make me dislike Himari even more…haha

  • Aoi told Himari he couldn’t leave the house early on in the book and then she tries to get him out? And of course, he gets shocked by the barrier, my poor baby (๑•﹏•)
  • Aoi broke Himari’s phone by just holding it, does that have to do with where the house is situated or his other half or…? What exactly? I know Himari mentioned that there were no electronics in the house but I’m guessing you need at least one electronic to make food? And Yukari made food so…is it just Aoi?
  • So Himari was supposed to be the Omamori of Momochi House and her parents pretty much set a trap on her with the will, why did they? How are they involved and why didn’t she know about this place beforehand? I’m guessing this might be developed further into the manga but I am curious.

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10 thoughts on “Currently Reading: The Demon Prince of Momochi House [V1]

  1. You have peaked my interest. I’ll have to read Vol. 1. I wonder how the art can be so beautiful but sadly not the story. I’ll take a look at the manga series soon. Thanks for sharing, Crimson.

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  2. I think the real draw here is Aoi, and it’s not just because of his looks. It’s nice to see a male lead who isn’t some sort of “jerk with an attitude but is really nice deep down”.

    And I don’t like how Viz did Aoi’s line. I wish they’d translated it more literally like, “You mustn’t look at my form” (or “You mustn’t look at my appearance”). It may not sound like natural English, but it sounds more mysterious and plays better into the story in my opinion.

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    • so sorry for the very late reply! was trying to get my hands on the book again to see what the line was >.< lol

      oh i loved aoi! he was so adorable and i just wanted to hug him! i agree that it was nice to not have a jerk character (which I hadn't really thought of before but that is common huh?)

      do you read japanese? is that what it literally says? because that line was one of the most annoying (to me) in the manga, like, why?! translation is something I've always been curious about, I briefly saw some of the scanlations and noticed how there were some tiny differences between those and the VIZ translations but they made such a big difference!

      Like this 'me' vs. 'form/appearance' is pretty interesting, instead of him disliking himself (as a whole) it could actually be his other form and what the house has changed him into

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      • I can read very basic Japanese, enough to get me through a manga.

        Yes, that is what it says. You can hear and read part of the opening chapter in the Picture Drama on Youtube:

        「僕の姿を見てはいけない」 ”Boku no sugata wo mite wa ikenai” is the actual line.

        Like you said, it may seem small, but it actually makes a bit of difference in this case. It’s like Aoi is saying, “I don’t want you to see me like this” instead of, “I don’t want you to look at me”. Like looking at his other form will curse Himari.

        The shoujou line is one that has a pretty big difference. It does mean an orangutan, but Ise’s actually a spirit and not an animal. Wikipedia explains it all:
        Viz’s translation makes it sound like he’s literally an orangutan, but it’s a type of supernatural creature. Obviously, a spirit makes more sense in this case.

        I am eventually going to do my own review on this series, so I took some notes on the translation for later.

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        • oh! i actually saw that while on Google, I noticed that the introduction was different and even compared it to the manga, I didn’t know that it had to do with spirits (since I just glanced at the little picture), it gives his character more appeal (like he’s not just a monkey, he’s a SEA spirit who’s fond of alcohol) lol

          But wow! Now I want to go check out the scanlations to see what else is off xD and when you do write that review I’ll be sure to read it! >:D

          Also, in this shoujou case it looks like it could have been fixed by adding a tiny note , I wonder why they didn’t…

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