[Review] No Regrets OVA

This turned into me fangirling, sorry not sorry(⌬̀⌄⌬́)

Please, someone tell me you cried when you watched this! It was so sad!! (T⌓T)

His expression so intense yo (๑>ᴗ<๑)

So I meant to watch this a long time ago, around the time it originally came out but for some reason I didn’t? But today (or yesterday night) that all changed as I was stalking some YouTube accounts (ilonqueen, YokuramaGameTalk, YokuramaNews)! I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this? I’m guessing it eventually showed up in my ‘recommended for you’ corner and I was like, ok sure.

I totally and completely destroyed myself

So, Attack on Titan: No Regrets is a 2 episode OVA that is like a prequel to the series with an emphasis on Levi (and how he joined the Survey Corps). In it we see some familiar faces like Erwin, Hanji, and Mike, while also meeting some new characters like Farlan and Isabel, Levi’s companions.

I totally love this OVA because it focuses on Levi (should be reason enough for full points!) but also because it made me love the characters, specifically Isabel within a short amount of time. In the OVA, Levi and Farlan are originally the duo of misfits causing trouble for the merchants in an underground city, and only meet Isabel after she crashes into their door front.

This is eerily familiar to me haha

I had thought that such a recent encounter would be a bit iffy but just her personality, in general, was so contagious! She wanted to go to the surface, feel free like a bird, and she totally looked up to Levi, calling him big brother as soon as their first encounter! (My fujoshi heart is remembering those FF stories where there’s an Eren/Isabel comparison, yup yup, lol) Everything seemed as happy as it could be considering they lived in poverty, and then those money grubbing nobles (?) showed up. And then stuff happens and people (me) sob into their pillows while asking why, why?!?!

So yes, money grubbers ‘hire’ (more like take a hostage and threaten) Levi and his little band into killing Erwin and stealing some documents that he is in possession of. Having no other options, Levi agrees and thus the terrors begin! If you haven’t watched it, please do. It’s only 2 episodes and so worth it!

Some things I loved about this OVA: 

Like I already mentioned, the characters were great! Isabel was just so enthusiastic even when her situation wasn’t great (people trying to capture and possibly rape her, living underground, possibilities of becoming ill from non-exposure to sunlight). She attempted to reach the surface just to save a bird, which I thought was amazing. I’m sure she knew what the risks were and still she tried. Kind of random, but I really liked her voice and thought it was really fitting (Mariya Ise)!

Erwin was just as unlikable (to me) as in the series. I don’t hate him but there’s just something about his methods that sometimes make me angry (also not really knowing what he’s up to, haha). But I have to say he was pretty cool in this OVA, fighting with Levi and everything. Also, I thought it was especially entertaining how nobody liked Levi, Farlan, and Isabel in the Survey Corps because they never got formal training or anything.

In the original series, Petra mentioned to Eren that Levi hadn’t always followed the rules and that he’d been rebellious when he first started in the Survey Corps (which reminds me, I don’t know if I accidentally missed her or if they meet a bit later, hmmm). To finally catch a glimpse of this was awesome! Just, his intensity about the randomest things (like getting dirty and living in dirty quarters) really made me laugh. It feels like he’s toned down in that aspect, considering he’s not nearly chopping people’s fingers off and murdering them with his eyes, haha. I also really enjoyed the feelings he showed.



In the series, you can tell he cares for his comrades early on, like the scene where he grips his soldier’s hand even when it’s all bloody (and therefore dirty), when he collects the insignias of his comrades, and his expression as he notices his squad dead. Well, here it was 10xs more intense! He smiles with Isabel and Farlan (though I think it’s because of Isabel that this happens, can’t really see just Levi and Farlan being all chummy and stuff), there are physical displays of ‘affection’ (petting Isabel and not chopping at Farlan), and then that ending…

I had never pegged Levi to scream his frustrations. He didn’t seem the type but I guess in his younger years it was possible. Just, the way he lost control was so amazing but also so sad that I couldn’t help but cry a little. Also, am I just imagining things or is there a parallel here with Levi and Eren? I haven’t kept up with the manga but I’m seeing something that will make me really sad.

Levi is so awesome *fangirl sigh*

Some things I was iffy about

As for something I wasn’t really convinced about…I’d have to say it was Farlan and that one guy whose leg is hurt. So, Farlan starts out as a pretty mysterious character. I know he’s worried about that guy with the bad knee/leg, which is why he’s giving him more money (in hopes that he can get some care). We also know that Levi trusts him to an extent, otherwise they wouldn’t be living with each other (and he knows about Levi’s cleaning tendencies).

But there was just something about his character that I didn’t like. I’m not even really sure but I feel like he could have been better developed. He was cute though haha >.> (I feel he’s more fleshed out in the manga so I like him better there).

Then there was that one guy with the bad knee (see how I don’t even know his name, haha. I think it might have been Jan or something). Well, Knee guy was used as a hostage to get Levi and the others into this whole mess but I never really got to know him. Why was he so important? Why couldn’t they just abandon him? Does it matter that it had been Knee guy? What if someone else had been nabbed?

I think that’s all I was iffy about…


  • So we learn that Levi and the other two were captured on purpose…if they hadn’t been contacted about this mission, would they still have been captured? Would the resistance be more? I’m really curious about this.
  • I normally want more of something I love but these two episodes were just perfect.
  • I can’t decide if I like the OVA better or the manga. They both have really good parts but they also have some things I’m iffy about. For example, when comparing them we immediately know in the OVA what’s going on with Levi, Farlan, and Isabel when they join the Survey Corps. In the manga, we only really find out in the second book (which confused me for a while, made me think Farlan was like a bad guy). In the OVA Isabel is a new member of their little family but in the manga, it looks like she’s been there a while. Etc. I almost want them to fuse them and make something even better! haha

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      • There’s one where Sasha and Jean have a cook off. It’s hilarious! Hmm, there’s also one where the training group goes further out, not sure if it was quite outside, but the group splits into two and one gets ambushed by pirate-like people. It’s great, too. If you need the titles, just go to Wikipedia for “List of Attack on Titan Episodes” and they’ll be listed at the bottom for you to go scout on the Internet. Happy watching ~

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