Currently Watching: Gangsta

Finally! The long-awaited anime for that amazing manga series I started reading that one time (I can’t remember when haha) is finally here!!!

Really like how fun this song sounds (~‾⌣‾)~

Gangsta is an anime about two Handymen (Benriya) named Nicolas and Worick, and an ex-prostitute named Alex that they pick up (as spoils) from one of their cleanup jobs. The anime is set in the world of Ergastulum where gang wars, rebellion, and superhuman soldiers called Twilights (or Dogtags) comprise of the major plotline.


Nicolas ‘He’s deaf as a doornail’ – Dr. Theo

So far I’m really liking the anime. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing in any way (especially the animation) but it is interesting. Like in the manga, Nicolas is my favorite! I was wondering how him being mute would work and so far I’m liking it, though I am having mixed feelings about him speaking so early on, I can’t remember how it was in the manga. If anything, I like how his voice sounds raggedy and unused. His lines are mostly grunts (and other noises), detailed facial expressions, and hand motions (sign language).


he looks so cool!! <( ̄ー ̄)>

The animation is meh, though really I wasn’t expecting much on that end. There is a lot of blood though, which is always fun to watch, especially when a single sword slice makes it rain. There are parts that I did think were great, like the details in the expressions and the dog tags.

I do wish the hands had been better done, since the sign language thing is important but it’s also not bad. I guess it depends on the situation. During the fight at the doc’s place Nic’s hands looked a bit floppy but when Nina communicated, her hands looked alright…

If you have a subscription with Funimation then you can watch Gangsta on there

“New simulcast episodes Sundays at 10:30 am Eastern.

The director of Ergo Proxy and Witch Hunter Robin joins forces with the studio behind Samurai Champloo for a dangerous new action-filled drama.”

So far there are 2 episodes and the next one is clearly on its way, I can’t wait to watch more!

And so I leave you with some screenshots from the first two episodes, focusing on expressions that I liked (and then Nina’s sign language):

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