New Manga Delivery! (●´□`)♡

Hello again! I wasn’t going to make another post today (though technically I haven’t written one today) BUT I just had to share my new delivery of books! Now, I don’t remember if I mentioned my orders from Kinokuniya on my blog but I do know I posted it on my Twitter. Continue reading

Currently Reading: Otomen (v. 5 – 7 *spoilers*)

Hey guys! I’m back to leave some comments on volumes 5 – 7, if you’re curious as to what I said about the first 4 volumes I have a post called Reading Progress: Update #1 (which you are encouraged to read since this one may be a bit on the negative side…). I’m also going to warn for SPOILERS, just to be on the safe side!

I don’t usually care if people ‘spoil’ things for me which is why I have a problem discerning what I shouldn’t say. I’m going to try and not reveal anything too major but I can’t promise anything, haha  Continue reading