Teenage Blue + Kanji Search (A Fujoshi’s Failed Attempts at Translation)

Hey guys! So last night I was playing my game (Skyrim) and I randomly started to think about my Light Novels, especially the Japanese ones (how I’d probably never know what they contained) and I got this crazy idea to try and translate them. Of course, this task is nearly impossible when:

  1. I don’t know any Kanji
  2. I’ve forgotten 95% of the Hiragana (5%) and Katakana (90%) I learned
  3. I don’t have a lengthy vocabulary (it’s nearly nonexistent) AND
  4. I’m not 100% sure about Japanese grammar

tumblr_nn3of10lLb1teov1io1_500Now, with all of this in mind, I was like, whatever and I whipped out Teenage Blue by Kei Tsukimura (art by Rihito Takarai, I know, I’ve been obsessed lately) and started my endeavor.

So what exactly did I accomplish? Well, with the help of a lot of websites (Google Translate, a Japanese Kanji Dictionary, MIT Open Course Ware page), a book Easy Hiragana, and an app called Kanji Draw (wow that’s a lot), I was able to find all the characters for the first sentence!

It’s actually kind of funny. While I was ‘reading’ the first word (the one in [ ]) I was like, what does Hyatsu mean? I couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet so I decided to skip it and it was only like an hour later that I realized that the つ (tsu) was probably a little っ, which means it’s a double consonant (which then doesn’t make sense because it would be hya and a isn’t a consonant? and it’s in [ ] so it wouldn’t be hyatto right?)…but I did compare the っ with all the other ones on the next page and it is supposed to be a little one _〆(。。) ?

I’m obviously still confused haha


First Sentence: [ひゃっ] という短い叫びと共に, 左横にあっに義母の気配が消失した.

Google Translation: [ Hya~tsu ] along with the short cry of , mother-in-law of the sign has been lost in there to the left.

What I got: [hya tsu?] that – short – there – beauty – and/if – both – [at/to/in/upon] – left (hand side) – beside – [at/to/in/upon] -met – righteousness/honor/sense – mother/middle aged lady/aunt – [of] – care – [hai/? deliver/arrange/hand out] – there – [shō/? extinguishing/put out/eliminate] – loss – it was.

In the end, I still have no idea what’s going on in the first sentence of the book. I figured that what I got makes 0% sense because the characters begin to mean different things when placed together and I didn’t take that into account.

For example, when I placed という短い into G.T. it means ‘short of’ but once I add 叫 in there it becomes ‘short yelled at’ (•ิ_•ิ)? So my mind is kind of like is someone being attacked and they cried out and then disappeared to the left (and this someone is a middle-aged woman?) haha I have no idea where I got attacked from…(and I highly doubt this is right)

But not all is lost!

Because now I’ve got a list of kanji to memorize! Haha. Finally, my notebook gets a little love! I always buy and buy notebooks and never really use them…I do have to make it more legible though

Now for the next sentence (˶′◡‵˶)

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6 thoughts on “Teenage Blue + Kanji Search (A Fujoshi’s Failed Attempts at Translation)

  1. Translating light novels from Japanese into English must be complicated. I know this is something that must be hard since Japan has several writing systems. I have no idea either but I know Froggy-kun from Fantastic Memes, get this, translates light novels too and he began doing this not as a professional but as a fan. A fan translator.

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  2. Well at least you took a crack at it, haha! You’re already several steps ahead of me – I sadly and regretfully don’t know a bit of Japanese let alone Kanji specifics and reading . . . Stuff? (I don’t know what I’m saying) But I do know that light novels are text based, so then there must be a lot of paragraphs and such, so to that, good luck!

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