Currently Reading: My Little Monster (v. 1 – 5 *rant?*)

I was looking through my posts just now and noticed that they’re kind of all over the place…and now here’s another series! Haha, hopefully, I’m not too scattered! Anyways, My Little Monster, ah, how it’s won me over but makes me so frustrated. It easily fell into my favorites pile (๑´ㅂ`๑)


I have no idea where volume 1 disappeared to, maybe I ate it…

So My Little Monster follows the romance between Shizuku Mizutani, a girl who loves to study and is known as ‘dry ice’ because she’s cold towards others, and Haru Yoshida, a troublemaking guy who has trouble communicating with others. The two meet after their homeroom teacher sends Shizuku to Haru’s house to deliver his homework (because he rarely ever goes to school). When they meet though, Haru attacks Shizuku, believing her to be a spy from school, only to immediately dub her as his ‘friend’ when she tells him the purpose of her visit (because friends help each other when they’re out ‘sick’ from school).

Soon after, he confesses his love for Shizuka only to be turned down. And the cycle continues as Shizuku finally realizes that her feelings for Haru have changed.

Like always, I must comment on how the art is totally great! A major plus on getting me to read this. The cover art is pretty plain but it was interesting enough that I didn’t hesitate to open the book!

Now that that’s off the list, I’d also like to comment on the characters.

From the very beginning I’ve loved them all, even the ones that I didn’t know the names of (and still kind of don’t), i.e. the trio of delinquents and their elitist leader. I guess that’s me coming in with some background information though because I watched the anime already. Still, even if I hadn’t I’d still like them a lot because they make me laugh.

IMAG0838_1 (1)

We have Shizuku who has always been extremely focused on studying and making 100 million yen (~807298 USD right now), which makes her interactions with Haru pretty interesting (like how she’s got this rivalry with him because he’s the top student, how their ‘dates’ are actually study sessions, and how they just seem to miss each other when confessing).

As for Haru, I also like him but he’s starting to get on my nerves because he’s so…non-aggressive! Like, at random moments he’ll spout all these cutesy lines and he’ll be all can I kiss you? but then he doesn’t! Sometimes I have to wonder if he actually likes Shizuku…and if it isn’t just him imprinting on her (which did come up early on in the series). But then there’ll be moments when he’ll be all dark and I can’t help but wonder if he’d consciously hurt someone. Yeah, complicated but I also love him

I do have to admit though that there is one character that is starting to get on my nerves. It’s this girl, I think her name is Natsume (the girl who glued herself to Shizuku). At first, I thought she was cute: a classmate who has little to no will to study, a girl who wants to have friends but has issues doing so, an internet junkie, etc. But then I learned about her past and how the girls in her class would get jealous (because she’s so cute) while the boys would always like her (which turned her into a man-hater).

IMAG0847 (1)

I guess I wouldn’t have thought too much about it until she started being a jerk to the baseball guys (and she always makes herself out to be the victim…). I’m glad Sasahara defended his friend but I don’t think she really cared if she hurt their feelings. She’s also pretty pushy with certain things, like how she’s in love with Haru’s…uncle? The shop guy. No means no (besides, he’s got Yuzan ≖‿≖), haha. And then the whole thing with Oshima and Kenji *shakes head*

I’m hoping she doesn’t stay like this too long.

But other than Natsume, there don’t seem to be characters I dislike. I even have a soft spot for Haru’s brother Yuzan who is supposed to be an antagonist (I’m still unsure about what’s happening here). And the side characters? Oh, I just love them! In all shows/manga I always find that side characters are usually my favorite and My Little Monster is no exception!

IMAG0840_1 (1)

For one, I really really like the delinquents that Haru is friends with. They’re always squealing about cute girls and they seem to love Natsume because she’s so adorable. It’s like they look dangerous one second and the next they have the most adorable faces ever! (unfortunately, I don’t know their names)

Then there’s Oshima, who I kind of have mixed feelings for. I mean, I like her because I can identify with her (likes a guy that likes someone else, shy, quiet) but then I think that she’s a potential love interest for Haru (even though she’s so passive most of the time).

And lastly, one of my favorites, Kenji Yamaguchi (Yamaken), the leader of the trio of delinquents. Why do I love him? Because he’s such an adorable tsundere! He’s introduced early on in the series and at first, I didn’t really think too much about his character but around volume 3 or 4 he starts moving from minor to a main character and potential love interest.


This is actually where my frustrations start to take shape. By the 3rd/4th book there’s been a handful of confessions between Haru and Shizuku but every time one confesses the other apparently doesn’t like the other romantically? The first was obviously Haru, which ended in rejection when Shizuku brings up the idea of imprinting. Not long after Shizuku ‘confesses’ only to say it was a joke and then again later only to find out that Haru doesn’t like her like that anymore? So she vows to make him fall for her again. They obviously (?) like each other and are going on ‘dates’ but they haven’t officially become an item…and then Yamaken enters the picture and he’s actually pretty aggressive.

He’s confessed to Haru that he likes Shizuku and then later takes it back, saying it was a joke (but it obviously isn’t). He hangs out with Shizuku when he can (coincidental meetings while out in town) and he even ‘fights’ with Haru (taunting him when Shizuku refuses to drop her cram classes). He also remembers little tidbits of information about Shizuku, like her eating habits at the cram classes and her goals in life.


I’m rather tempted to root for him now instead of Haru…I mean, at least he’s doing something about the person he likes. On the other hand, Haru is acting more like a child whose toy is being taken from him (threatening to physically hurt Yamaken if he doesn’t stay away).

Ah, my heart is torn!

Especially when I think about Shizuku and how she seems to really like Haru. It makes me sad when I see her and Yamaken talking about Haru and planning how she should go about showing her feelings. At least she admitted he’s good looking haha

And did I mention Yamaken is a total cutie? Ah, he’s got this totally cute tendency to get lost and when someone points that out he refutes the claim (he obviously doesn’t need help and knows where he’s going, he purposely meant to ask the librarian the same question 5 times)


Even though I’m starting to get a bit annoyed at this point, I do plan to keep reading because I want to know what’s going to happen!

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8 thoughts on “Currently Reading: My Little Monster (v. 1 – 5 *rant?*)

  1. That’s my biggest problem/rant with the series, too. It’s like Haru and Shizuku started on opposite ends of a circular track and when one gets to the “love” line, the other is on the “just friends” line. It’s really bizarre for the characters to keep flip-flopping.

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  2. My biggest frustration with the series as in the anime is that I am rooting for Yamaguchi. He shows Shizuka time and time again that he is fighting for her and like you said aggressively. And Haru is just falling behind being an idiot! Reminds me that that is why some guys cannot be romantic. They don’t understand that women want to be the center of attention all the time and want to be pursued. Haru is not doing that and I cannot really feel sadness if he loses Shizuka. Yamaguchi might deserve her more since he is actively pursuing her and many times shows he cares.

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  3. I have be hesitant to check out both the manga and anime for the reasons you list lol. I hate when a relationship is too drawn out! I just find it so frustrating. I got that way with the Kdram Boys Over Flowers, have you ever seen that?

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