[Review] Daddy Please Fall in Love + Love Kids!! by Kyou Kitazawa

Yesterday (while browsing on Twitter) I came up with a post by @Yaoicon about yaoi/BL manga concerning couples with children. At first, I was confused, thinking they meant Mpreg (which I’m not really a fan of) but then I figured it probably meant ‘single fathers’ so I enthusiastically answered with Only Serious About You (a manga I totally recommend because it’s ADORABLE)


But of course, then I got curious about what other manga have single fathers. I knew that Hide and Seek was one of them (but the daughter isn’t really important to the relationship) so I decided to research! (as you can see in the Tweet, haha)


aren’t they so adorable? ( ˊᵕˋ )

And I actually came up with a few titles but last night I decided to read Koishite Daddy (Daddy Please Fall in Love) because the art was really nice. Basically, it’s about a single father named Satou who has his neighbor Takahashi take care of his kid Rintarou while he works. Like all BL mangas, these two end up together and thus their little yaoi lives begin.

For starters, I’d like to say that Rintarou is super adorable! He starts the relationship with Satou and Takahashi (tells his father ‘he’s hurt, we’ve got to help him’) and from then on the two become…friends (❛ᴗ❛) He’s also the one that keeps the two in touch, constantly wanting to go see Takahashi and saying he likes Takahashi. It’s to the point where Satou is starting to wonder if the three of them could possibly be something else (but his little divorcee heart makes him doubt).


ugh this kid is so adorable! Can I have him!!

Takahashi is also open about being gay, which I thought was fun (since he’ll be all ‘it’s fun playing house with Itou-san‘ and ‘you’re going to get my hopes up‘) haha

I guess the only thing I was really iffy about was how the two got together. Satou decides to stay away from Takahashi (and tell his kid so) but Rin-chan doesn’t like the idea and runs off. Panicked, Satou goes out to search for him (how he didn’t catch up to him is a mystery to me…) and finally ‘finds’ him 2 hours later. Takahashi calls him and tells him he’d found Rin at the park. Instead of being grateful, though, Satou spouts some terrible things ;___; (*rage tweets*), Rin gets angry at him, and then they get together when he goes to apologize.

I think this last part all happens in like 2 pages or something. One moment Satou is angry and the next he’s doing the do with Natsuki (Takahashi)…I mean, I guess I shouldn’t have expected much, especially since it was a short story (one-shot I think) but still. I would have liked it if there’d been more development between friends –> lovers. But then after that, it got really cute so I’ll overlook it…this time/all the time (✿´‿`)

I mean, I guess I shouldn’t have expected much, especially since it was a short story (one-shot I think) but still. I would have liked it if there’d been more development between friends –> lovers. But then after that, it got really cute so I’ll overlook it…this time/all the time (✿´‿`)

The only other problem that arises for the two love birds after that is Takahashi’s father coming over and being a jerk (he’s anti-homo). Like, the way he came to Takahashi’s house…your mom told me not to waste money on a hotel so I had to come here (no you didn’t go away). The whole family thing is also brought up later but only in passing (I wish they’d either omitted or developed this because as it stands, the family thing felt like filler)

As for other problems that happen, they’re more related to Rin.


the dad’s reaction, yeah, that’s me haha

■ Bullied at school by a jerk kid who obviously has a crush on him: Not only does this lead to other kids thinking Rin’s family is weird (for having 2 dads) but it also drives away Natsuki for a while because Rin wants to be ‘normal’ (of course this doesn’t last long because Rin likes Natsuki too much and the kids defend Rin)

■ More bullying from the jerk kid who (as it’s confirmed later) wants Rin to be his bride: This kid frustrates me so much! (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

But this series doesn’t end here! It actually continues in Love Kids!! which is centered around Rin, the jerk kid, and their long-distance romance.


Rin grew up to be a fine looking kid ( ˊᵕˋ )♡

Actually, I ‘magically’ stumbled upon the sequel (I saw the cover picture and was like ooooo, wonder what this one is about) and couldn’t help but squeal because Natsuki and Satou look so handsome (possibly) ten years later! Older characters are so hot (๑♡⌓♡๑) !!

It was also in this manga where I finally remembered jerk kid’s name (kind of) – Kyo-kun, as Rin calls him. However, even after reading Love Kids!! I still keep with my description of Kyo but I also can’t help but feel for him (I wonder if I’d feel this way if I’d started with Love Kids!!). When he mentioned he liked Rin and that he wanted Rin to be his bride in Koishite Daddy, I just figured it was nothing (just little kids saying cute things).

As it turns out, he actually meant it…and he’s been in an unrequited love for…(possibly) ten-ish years. Yeah, that’s dedication BUT he’s not the only one! It actually turns out that Rintarou has harbored actual love for Natsuki since his kindergarten days too! (again, I thought he meant it in an ‘I love my daddy‘ kind of way but no haha) He tricked me!


I was confused too (・_・ヾ ?

And because of Rin’s feelings, their relationship has been at a standstill for so long. In order to get things moving though, Kyo decides to apply to school overseas and ends up leaving right after asking Rin out (and getting rejected). It’s this that makes me still consider him a jerk. Why? Because he didn’t tell Rin about his plans! And because he planned this to make Rin understand how he feels. (ugh, but I can’t fault him either because it’s been 10 years!)

But other than Kyo being a jerk (oh god I feel like I’m overusing this word but any other word I think about seems too mean!), I don’t think I have much to complain about. I’m even tempted to say Love Kids!! was better developed than Koishite Daddy (probably because we get the background story on Kyo + Rin in Koishite Daddy)


who wouldn’t come home with that waiting for them haha I’d book it faster !

And then that ending (≖ ‿ ≖) …Kyo’s such a perv, at least that clears up the comment his roommate made about sex and ‘that’s all we talk about’ (I have no idea how he’s going to handle six years without Rin)

Overall, both Koishite Daddy + Love Kids!! were quick and enjoyable reads, while I wouldn’t say they were amazing I will say I was glad I read them (and I’ll definitely be looking at more work by this mangaka because I love the art!)


Other titles I stumbled upon: Kozure OokamiOokami No KetsuzokuAi no GebokutachiMusuko ga Osewa ni Nattemasu!Nichijousahan Bi – Beautiful LifePatchwork (art is so pretty, super short so not much development), Seishun Catharsis, etc!

Of these titles, I’ll definitely be checking out Seishun Catharsis and Nichijousahan Bi – Beautiful Life!

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4 thoughts on “[Review] Daddy Please Fall in Love + Love Kids!! by Kyou Kitazawa

  1. Koishite Daddy and Love Kids!! sounds great! I can sense this is a manga about a youth holding an unrequited romance for an older man as in Rin for Natsuki. But then having another character potentially being in love with the protagonist adds to the intrigue! Great, great recommendations. I am going to look into them since I love the delicate-looking artwork. Rin sure grew into a fine, handsome young man. Aha, aha.

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