2015 Summer Anime List

School is almost out! Just one more week and I’ll be free! (to watch anime and be a bum). Although this week is going to be the most stressed-filled of my time at school. Other than finals I also have a Senior Capstone Exhibition and that’s just killing me ⊙﹏⊙

Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts. So what does this summer look like for me? Well, since I’ve been behind (like a lot) in the anime department I have an extensive list of ‘would like to watch’ (There’s probably more but I’m just blanking out)


  1. Kuroko no Basket season 3: I’ve started early on this one and am on episode 63 or 64 I believe. They’re at the flashback phase. [✓ Finished]
  2. Tokyo Ghoul Root A: I was going to watch this when it started airing but couldn’t, then I heard that it was bad, then I heard it was decent, and now I’m just like, I’ll just watch it
  3. Your Lie In April: This was put on hold because it was annoying me so I should be picking it up later, hopefully before September
  4. Death Parade: Recommended to me but I’m iffy on starting it. I was told it starts to lose momentum after 4ish episodes…
  5. Psycho Pass 1 + 2: Another one that I started. I probably watched like 3 or 4 episodes before I got busy.
  6. Seraph of the End: I was going to watch this when it started airing but I couldn’t find it anywhere! And then when I did I couldn’t watch it anymore, haha [✓ Finished]
  7. Kuroshitsuji: Circus & Murder: I am so excited about watching these because in the manga it’s amazing! [✓ Finished]
  8. Food Wars: I’m following the manga and am curious to see how it came out in anime format. I somehow doubt it’ll top its counterpart but yeah, let’s see
  9. Aldnoah Zero S2: I was watching this with my brother and after we finished season 1 we decided to watch it later. Of course, my brother decided to watch it all on his own and I haven’t gone back to it since -_- [✓ Finished]
  10. Durarara S2: I know I’m way behind with this, hopefully, I catch up. I might rewatch S1…
  11. Kekkai Sensen: It’s done by BONES and I know I’ve enjoyed a lot of their releases (not to mention I need to check out some new things)
  12. Kyoukai no Kanata Movie: I’ll Be Here – Mirai-hen: Waaaaaaaat, why haven’t I watched this yet?! (,,#゚Д゚) I must find out what happens a year later!!


  1. Gangsta: Currently following the manga, excited to see how it turns out! [✓ Watching]
  2. Junjo Romantica S3: *__*  !!!
  3. Bakemono no Ko: I wonder how this is going to be like…expectations are high!! 😀
  4. Boruto: Oh, good thing this is a movie because I’m not ready to make a commitment with this. I started early on with Naruto but then it left me in the dust, haha!
  5. The Anthem of the Heart: Just saw the trailer for this and it looks so adorable! I want to watch it now…also wondering how the MC is going to be able to sing and be the head of the outreach council if she doesn’t speak, hmmmm

Wow, this list looks really long and I’m wondering if I’ll even be able to watch everything on here. I’m aiming for at least all the movies/OVAs/short stuff, finishing what I started, and maybe watching 3 or 4 new series.

Though I don’t think I’ll be too busy….hmmmm

Updated: 7/20/15, Links added

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3 thoughts on “2015 Summer Anime List

  1. Oh my gosh! Yeah. It is saddening but Death Parade lost steam toward the end but it isn’t only that. It just doesn’t have any pizzazz that would make it stand out for many years to come against other anime to come. It’s not generic but it doesn’t have this gravitas. It wasn’t too bad either but falls in the soon to be forgotten pile.

    You are going to have quite a few anime to watch it seems. Good luck in your studies during these stressful times.

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