2015 Summer Anime List

School is almost out! Just one more week and I’ll be free! (to watch anime and be a bum). Although this week is going to be the most stressed-filled of my time at school. Other than finals I also have a Senior Capstone Exhibition and that’s just killing me ⊙﹏⊙

Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts. So what does this summer look like for me? Well, since I’ve been behind (like a lot) in the anime department I have an extensive list of ‘would like to watch’ (There’s probably more but I’m just blanking out) Continue reading

The Sunshine Blog Award Nomination!

Before I get to answering questions I’d like to give a big thanks to TheHugeAnimeFan, who was the person who nominated me. I’m glad you think my blog is positive and that it influences others! (Because seriously I was worried I wasn’t getting the whole ‘blogging’ thing right haha). And yes, I agree, there are some really talented mangaka out there that I’m SO jealous of! (But I love them too! Oh the dilemma) Continue reading

Reading Progress: Update #1

It’s been a few days since I mentioned I’d be reading three new series – Otomen, Say I Love You, Kamisama Kiss – and I’d like to check in with a few thoughts on each. I’ve read at least three volumes for each series and for certain I’m continuing them all!

I’ll talk about them in the same order I did in the first post, which puts Otomen first! Continue reading