Currently Reading: Otomen, Say I Love You, Kamisama Kiss

Recently I’ve been trying to figure out what new manga I should read, especially considering yaoi mangas are pretty short…so I decided to check out some titles I’d been looking at for a while now (。・ω・。)

And what are those titles?



I list this one first because I just started it today! Basically, it’s about this guy named Asuka Masamune who likes girly things but puts up a facade of manliness because of a traumatic experience his mom had when he was a child. Since then he’s taken up a variety of martial arts and has excelled in them, his male classmates respect him, and his female classmates think he’s ‘cool’ and ‘masculine.’ All seems to be going well until he falls in love with a girl named Ryo Miyakozuka and love just makes it way harder to conceal his girlish tendencies.

So I’m still on the first volume but I’m sure I got weird stares from people on the street as I chuckled into a pink and light blue book with a blushing guy on the cover (he’s got a flower in his hair too)!

I’m really enjoying it so far but there’s a part of me (my fujoshi side) that’s just trying to pair Asuka up with a (probably not) side character named…actually I don’t know his name…I wonder if I missed it or if it hasn’t been mentioned yet (I probably just missed it)…

Anyways! I want to pair them together because this guy knows everything (it seems) about Asuka. Figured out he was a girly-guy (aka. Otomen), is always hanging off him (so much physical contact), and he’s always calling Asuka ‘-chan’ and saying he’s cute! Which Asuka is and now I want to read some FF…

Say I Love You

say i love youI’ve actually seen the anime for this! It was probably around the time the anime was airing and I just thought it was adorable! Was left wanting more and I knew it had a manga but I’d been too lazy to pick it up. But here I am now! Ordered it from my local library and I got the first 3 volumes (and 6 it seems)

Basically, the story follows the love life of high school loner Mei and handsome playboy Yamato, the hardships they face together as they start to date, and how they come to trust one another. I’d say more but I don’t really remember if there was anything else significant plotwise.

I do have to say that the art is meh, with the characters being rather lanky and…not right haha Hopefully it’s not that bad that I can’t get through it (it’s happened before)

Another anime I want to read the manga for is My Little Monster, which is kind of like this one (except that it’s funnier). That’ll probably be a title I read after I finish one of these.

Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama KissSo I went to ACEN just recently and got to meet Micah Solusod, who is a character in the anime. At one of his panels, everyone was talking really animatedly about the show and I was just like, I want to know more! And while this might be different to the show I imagine I’ll get a taste for the concept in general (besides, I tend to like mangas more than the anime)

What is this manga about? Let me read the synopsis on the back of the book real quick…

10 minutes later

Apparently, there’s this girl named Nanami Momozono who has been recently kicked out of her house by debt collectors searching for her father (who bailed on her). Having no place to stay at she jumps at the opportunity a stranger offers her after she saves him from a dog (stranger danger!). Unbeknownst to her, by accepting this offer she’ll become the local deity (which she does). Thus begins her adventures as a god!

It sounds alright and I know the art is pretty so hopefully I get through it. Out of the three, this one is like that room in the house I’ve yet to visit haha

Will check in later with my thoughts on each! (〃▽〃)

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22 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Otomen, Say I Love You, Kamisama Kiss

  1. I prefer the manga over the anime in regards to “Say I Love You.” You should definitely read “My Little Monster,” that one is really good!

    Happy Reading!

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  2. Otomen! You are thinking about making a Boys Love pairing with Asuka and some other guy, aren’t you? I approve! That would be so intense and great!

    Ah! My Little Monster is fantastic. Though I have only seen the anime since I have seen shots of the manga and I can’t say the art style is in line with my tastes, unfortunately. I sort of like beautiful and really graceful stuff.

    Kamisama Kiss and Kamisama Kiss the anime was great! ~Micah Solusod~
    Not so much the manga since I was reading pretty excitedly until, Tomoe, the main guy of the series came of as a little sexist. And I just do not do sexist underpinnings wherever they may be. While I wont continue the manga series I can still be willing to praise the anime. Wow! We seem to be soulmates. We have many similar tastes. I am so thrilled!


    • Haha, it’s a sign!

      Wait, so it’s not sexist in the anime?

      I haven’t seen the manga for my little monster yet but I’m crossing my fingers it’s decent, I also don’t like to read manga with art that doesn’t fit my tastes xP I once started reading this series called Boy Princess and the story was pretty interesting but I had to stop at volume 3 because the art was just too…not what I like haha. I know the mangaka was also aware of that and in the a/n they’d say they were trying to get better. I wonder what happened with that….

      Yes! I’ve figured out the guys name! I believe it’s Juta Tachibana? Something like that…I even went to FF to see what there was but it’s nothing really satisfying. I’m just like, I can get this in the manga…haha maybe I should write something hmmmmm (when I saw Juta pretending to be a fortune teller I just fangasmed)

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      • Well with the anime I see like this. The people who are part of the anime staff do not have anything to do with the manga artist/creator. Their job is only to adapt the original work of the manga to anime. It is not their fault if it is sexist. Also thankfully the anime never got to that sexist instance, yet. Not that I noticed anyway.

        🙂 I would too. I think it is an reflex for me if I see two guys reacting closely toward each other. I unconsciously start pairing them up together. It just feels so right!

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    • I am reading this thread, and I am just wondering why you think Tomoe is sexist? I haven’t read the manga yet (mostly because the art isn’t my style) but I am really curious why you think so?


      • Oh, for that. There was a scene in the manga where Tomoe meets a girl who believes being alone and not surrounded by female friends is the best and it is also hinted that the girl finds girls like Nanami that want to be sheltered by other guys distasteful. This girl makes fun of Nanami because Nanami is the opposite of her. Nanami likes to be surrounded by female friends all the time and being helped by men. in the this scene, Tomoe actually tells the girl it is such a shame she does not compare to Nanami. Implying perhaps that the value in a woman is if they fit the traditional more feminine female role given to them. Meaning being super feminine and having quite a few female friends and wanting a family. You know the traditional role. Which is totally not the case! Some women do not want that at all. We do not all want to be housewives or to be lumped in to a category.

        I believe it is entirely possible for the manga artist/writer to not share the beliefs exhibited by their manga work but the thing is no matter how you look at it. It is still sexist when you encourage this behavior in your work through your characters. Why do this? Juliette Suzuki could have easily set up the situation to empower women/girls instead. Yet, that wasn’t the case. I don’t mean offense if this a favorite manga series of yours but I am very tired of a lot of the media in our society. A lot of it is sexist. Expecting us women to fit female traditional female roles of wanting family and fitting the bill of what young women should be. This is too oppressive of women and I don’t believe it is right. This is part of the reason I am a feminist.


          • I totally hope so but the way Julieta Suzuki made it seems came off in a certain way. By the way, I would love to give the chapter of where it got to that point but I cannot remember. Sorry. Pretty sure though it is way ahead in reading once you get to that part since I had been very avidly following the series and trying to keep up with the latest work of the series before.

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    • Oh okay, I am not offended at all. I was just curious on your reasoning. You have an interesting way of interpreting this scene, and I totally understand where you are coming from.

      I think another way you can interpret this scene (based on your synopsis) is that it could be a form of “amae” which is a Japanese aesthetic form. The term of “amae” is usual about the act of dependence on a person, which could be implied as a form of caring and love. Therefore, Tomoe could prefer Nanami’s persona because of her “amae”; in which she relies on others. So there could be a possibility that Tomoe isn’t sexist, but just referring to an old Japanese custom. (This is totally my interpretation based on your summary.)

      It is tough interpreting certain media because there is our values as well as the values of another country’s ethics and culture. At times, we have to draw a line or boundary when it comes to our analysis and interpretation. Sometimes our values may not comply with the values of another group.

      Anyways, I think you have an good and interesting interpretation. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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      • Yeah. I think at the end of the day it always comes to cultural differences. For me being your own woman is the best. No problem. Curiosity in us all makes things interesting. I was happy to reply back.

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