[Review] Anime Matsuri 2015

Hey guys~! So I’m back from Houston, came back Tuesday morning just in time for class, ugh. Pulled an all nighter and then was suffering from rolly eyes during a class lecture, yup, really bad that day. Then on Wednesday, I woke up late for class…haha

Anyway, I wanted to make a post about Anime Matsuri since I wasn’t able to post updates of the con during the con (my phone just decided it wanted to die permanently for the whole weekend, it actually just fixed itself Wednesday morning, like seriously?!) I don’t even know what was wrong with it but it said something about disabled service, even though it had already been paid…

And now that I have internet connection…

(like a whole weekend after)

I’ll talk about things kind of randomly

If anyone read my tweets from Thursday or my pre-con posts, then it’s common knowledge that I was totally pumped to see Reika and Kaname this year! Like I was seriously just so out of it that I ended up going to the wrong airport and I barely made my flight (please check this before you travel, it’s not fun driving at 100 mph trying to get to the other side of the city when there’s only about an hour before the plane departs).

The heart can only take so much. I usually have a picture of my boarding pass but…yeah, it was taken

4acfc60a60681241948fa3ff16801c62Something else that happened before I headed for Houston, which I paid for at the con, was that I forgot my things for guests to sign! I totally beat myself over this…I really wanted Reika to sign my Cosplay Gen issue with her on the cover and this other cosplay magazine that I bought while browsing at Kinokuniya. I saw her on the cover and was like, must buy! I’ll be taking those to Atlanta in the fall though *_* I also wanted Kaname to sign the Shingeki no Kyojin book that Reika sold at Yaoi-con…Next time!

So now that I’ve gone over more pre-con…stuff, let’s move onto the actual con…

This year I actually went to Houston by myself, last year my brother came with me but he didn’t like it so yeah, no companion this time around. I guess it’s not that surprising considering I usually go to out-of-state cons by myself, but yeah.

I was also going to stay at the Hilton right across from the convention but stuff happened and I ended up a few minutes longer with some roommates. One thing I have to say is that I am impressed by cosplayers. They have so much stuff they have to haul around and they have to wake up earlier just to get ready. And sometimes they even have to wear some layered stuff when the weather is like 80+ and humid outside.

I have no idea how they do it, I’m sure I would have passed out if I’d worn some of the stuff my roommates wore…

But yeah, staff was really friendly and we even got free breakfast! I got my own place to sleep on (no sharing, yay haha), and the front desk people helped get me to places (I didn’t know the convention was just walking straight out the door, I have no idea how I got lost for two days and made a normally 5 minute walk into a 15 minute stroll).

I guess the only unfortunate part of the ordeal was that there was no shuttle to get me from the airport to the hotel. At other cons, there’s usually a free service I can take but this time around there wasn’t. Instead, I had to use a Super Shuttle service that cost me $20 to get to the hotel I was staying at and $26 to get me back to the airport.


What Did I Do?

When I left my house I really thought that my schedule would be pretty spread out and that I’d be going to a few panels. That was not the case…I think I only went to…three full panels and like three or four major/special events.

  • Reika Make-up Panel
  • Reika and Kaname Q & A
  • Reika and Kaname Maid Cafe Special (paid)
  • J-Fashion Show
  • Cosplay/Masquerade
  • Closing Ceremonies
  • Luci Christian’s Parenting Panel
  • Todd Haberkorn Q & A
  • Nerdlesque Event

I also went to other panels but didn’t stay for the whole thing

  • Crispin Freeman’s Voice Acting Panel (for about 15 minutes)
  • Todd’s 18+ Panel (only made the later half)
  • I checked out the Rave…for like 15 minutes

Wow, now that I’m writing down what I did it sounds a bit sad…

Other things I did include going to the Dealer’s Hall and Artist Alley, which weren’t all that great. I managed to look at everything in perhaps 1 hour. I really like to buy books but there was only this one tiny stand that I found with some variety. I actually bought like $100 worth of books there…haha. There was also this other stand somewhere near the back but they didn’t really have anything interesting. But yeah, my manga collection has expanded and now I have a whole new extra shelf…which I put on top of two shelves because I have no space (got to build upwards now).

3b5bf62efb5f7a4ed615ca237fe46cb0I don’t know if you guys can see but I bought Bloody Monday volumes 2-10, Bakuman volumes 6-8, 15, 16, Afterschool Charisma volumes 1-7, D. Gray-Man volume 1, and Durarara!! Volumes 1-2. I had also ordered Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow volumes 1-6 before I left for Texas so those had all come in by Tuesday. I’d also ordered GameXRush volumes 1-2 and I’d bought Karneval volume 1, Attack on Titan volume 15 (totally skipped 11-14 haha), Spice and Wolf volumes 9-10, Skip Beat volume 33-34, and 07 Ghost volume 15.

Wow, that’s a lot of new books…got to buy more!

Something else I did was go to the autograph sessions! I just have to say that I’d never met Kaname before and I do like his work but now I’m like, you’ve just been promoted! I swear I was done getting their autographs and then I was just there, staring at Kaname’s chest…(did you guys see when he unzipped his suit?!), yeah…

But I managed to get a few things signed! (My badge, their photo books, and the superpass con-shirt)

b759f2fc9affcb7597be02dacfd3d0cdWhen I went up to get Kaname’s autograph he shook my hand, thanked me for coming, and asked what my name was. Then he tried to write my name on the photobook but he messed up and ended up writing it with a J instead of a G. I actually secretly get annoyed when people write my name wrong, especially after I’ve spelled it out for them and everything, but this time I was like, please I don’t care if you spelled it wrong just say my name again! He even drew a little cute smiley on it and wrote sorry, and if I’m not mistaken…he wrote -chan after my name?

I was seriously fangirling here, like I might not have looked it but I was screaming and shouting internally…

And so yeah, I went to all of their events and tried to stay as long as I could, just being a creeper. Watching as Kaname waved at us and made faces and was all flirty, posing, etc!

And then!

There was this girl who gave Reika a carton of eggs and when her line was empty, Reika decided to crack an egg. I imagine the girl explained it to her. I’ve actually never seen something like this before but I guess it’s an Easter thing?

Anyways, here’s a video that I took!

You can find more Anime Matsuri videos that I took on my page here. I’ll (hopefully) be uploading all the videos I have by this Saturday. For now, there’s only this one

Non-Reika and Kaname?

Actually, the one reason I went to Anime Matsuri was that Reika was going to be there! And then I found out that Kaname was too and I was just like, must go

But there were also some awesome voice actors that came to the con!

Now I’m going to say that by the end of Friday I was seriously itching to leave and not come back. For one, all the main events were pushed back at least an hour, if not more. I’d bought a superpass and found that it wasn’t even worth it. I could have bought a regular pass, gotten to the line early, and I still would have gotten a good seat. The superpass really only mattered in smaller events where I could sit in the front two rows of the panels.

But yeah! I was ready to just say goodbye to Anime Matsuri

89692a24c057d0eabe97c7a5d3485de1And then Todd arrived on Saturday and he made everything all better again! Yes, I woke up early and went to his morning panel, which I think was at…9 or 10. I forget…

But he just livened things up and it was great seeing him again. I’d last seen him at Ramencon and before that, I can’t even remember. Probably when he came to Rosemont…?

I was also planning on going to some of his other panels but stuff ran late again and I was only able to make the second half of his (In)appropriate 18+ Panel. I was so glad I went…since I got to see his abs and hear funny sexapade stories, haha. Unfortunately, he only had panels on Saturday. I heard he had some on Friday but he had some recording to do and couldn’t make them.

Another event I was totally happy I went to was Luci Christian’s Parenting panel.

It was really fun and I even learned that she worked on audiobooks, which I will be looking for very soon. I think my library should be working today so sometime after or during my school break I’ll be looking for her.

I don’t think I’d ever gone to any of her panels before. I know she was a guest last year for Anime Matsuri and I got her to sign a few things but going to one of her panels was just really great. She’s so casual and friendly, helpful, and nice. She even walked over with a bunch of us to her autograph session to get stuff signed, which is where I got my shirt signed!

More people to stalk!! Bwahahahaha

I also want to mention the Nerdlesque show real quick. It was another 18+ event and I only went because I didn’t have anything else to do. It happened right after Todd’s panel and I thought, why not? So before this, I don’t think I’d ever heard of burlesque but now I just have to say wow! It was pretty intense and really beautiful. If anyone was there I think I have to say my favorite was the one performance where the lady started dancing with the fans (like actual fans, not people).

I’ve seen strip shows before (I guess that’s what they’re called?) at Yaoi-con. All that man flesh…but I’d never seen the opposite where it’d be lady flesh, haha. I would go again!

And now I’ll end this by listing my complaints

  • Main events were pushed back at least an hour and then some more, since it took a while to get everyone inside the room and get everything set up
  • Staff didn’t seem to know about certain events. For example, I asked about the Reika and Kaname special Maid Cafe event but was told it’d been sold out, which wasn’t the case.
  • Security was really rude. I got yelled at because I didn’t have my badge turned to the back. I also heard that some people were yelled at because they didn’t have their badges hanging from their neck but there were also not enough lanyards passed out…
  • Because there were two other events happening at the convention center, con-goers couldn’t go into certain places. Example, if you left the panel floor (I think it was the third floor), you had to go all the way around to get back upstairs. You couldn’t go to the far right, which was closer to where we were at, because the robot-show thing was happening there, and the elevators to the far left were closed off. Entry was from the far left though so you had to walk towards the middle of the second floor and then go upstairs. Lots of walking back and forth.
  • The line for the dealer’s hall sucked, we had to get our badges scanned every time we wanted to get back inside
  • Buying a superpass had very limited perks. For one, even if you had a superpass you weren’t guaranteed guest signatures. Every day there were additional guest tickets that we had to get (they were free but limited). Once they ran out we couldn’t get anything signed.
  • At closing ceremonies, the con-founder tried to blame the con-goers for the delays that happened. She said that because we wanted to get selfies with guests we were part of the reason things were delayed. I argue this because we weren’t allowed to take selfies, at all, unless you paid for it on Sunday.  Other reasons they listed included missing cables and non-cooperative technology. I could believe this for events that happened once the convention was happening but for the first main event this just seemed like an excuse. Especially considering the delay time.
  • Dealer’s hall was pretty small, which was sad. Hardly any books or book bags for purchase. Also not many sweaters but there was quite a bit of lolita stuff. They even had a line just to browse.
  • Rave room was enormous, which isn’t all that bad except that I don’t think we needed such a big room considering the people present only took up like a small section. It made the rave feel empty.

Some stuff I heard was happening…

  • This could be just a rumor but I heard that Kaname had to sleep in the lounge area of the Hilton for a while because the convention forgot to book his room. I heard this from some girls who managed to get selfies and hugs from him on that day.
  • Akira was scheduled for autographs late one night, I think it was near or past midnight. She was waiting on one floor while her fan-line was waiting on a different floor. Some miscommunication happened here I guess. Staff (or was it one of the con-owners…?) had mentioned to the fans that they should go upstairs to where Akira was at but then the line order would be messed up. Instead, she came down rushing and seemed to be upset about what happened. Heard this from someone who was at that line.

So yeah…

Anime Matsuri seemed to be more chaotic this time around. During the closing ceremonies, Mrs. Leigh (I think that’s her name), was mentioning that Anime Matsuri was the 9th biggest con, which I think is pretty neat. She mentioned it was a great accomplishment, considering they were so young, but I feel like if she wants to keep that then there has to be better management. One major reason seemed to be limited staff and too much going on, but there were also a lot of volunteers that I just saw lounging around. Or sometimes there’d be too many volunteers in one place. They could have been helping elsewhere…

Anyways, before I start repeating things I already said…I leave you now.

I probably won’t be going to Anime Matsuri next year. I only really went because Reika would be there, and Reika seems to be expanding more. She went to Yaoi-con last year and this year she’s also going to Anime Weekend Atlanta, so many opportunities to see her.


(wow this took me forever to put out)

6 thoughts on “[Review] Anime Matsuri 2015

  1. Yay, Todd Haberkorn! I seriously admire his voice acting work. He is one of the few pleasant sounding English voice actors for anime. Hmph. Seems like you truly had to endure a lot for this convention. I know if the security of the convention was rather rude to me I would be very disgruntled. So sorry you had to go through that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol it’s a lot of bad considering how much i paid xD Todd’s work is great, I also started listening to his audio book work and those are awesome!! :O

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Holy cheeseballs, I would have waved like a maniac if I saw you at the Q&A and makeup panels. I was wearing my Suzuya cosplay that day too and got to ask them a question (and felt like dying *has flashbacks of beautiful embarrassment*).

    Oh, yeah, the thing with Akira and the autograph panel is true. I was waiting with my friend O-chan and two other girls that I had met at the con. We got to talk to the guy who made sure that Akira / Disacode, Reika and Kaname made it their events but there was some communication problems with the convention staff. While we were waiting Akira and the other members were literally booking it from the third floor to the floor where the dealer room was. She was really sorry that they were late, but we were too busy getting misty eyed and telling them it was okay. Akira did seem a little upset from the communication error, but especially after being told that she couldn’t take individual pictures with the fans because it would take too long. She took one picture with a girl dressed in lolita clothes, but then was told she couldn’t. 😦
    So by 1:30 or so O-chan and I made it back to our hotel room. The signing was supposed to start at midnight but we were held back by an hour or so.

    I also might not be going to AM next year either, mostly because it’s in February and that won’t give me enough time to recover from being in Japan for nearly all of January.

    BTWs, Marcy’s autograph is super adorable. :’D

    Sorry for long-winded reply ;____; *rolls away in shame*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was sitting at the front for her makeup panel, thought it was hilarious how they told us not to get closer and then Erika comes in and is all, you guys are kind of far get closer, and we all just bolted from our chairs xDDD what did you ask? I wish I’d asked a Q but I was just so embarrassed and >///..< lol


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