6-ish hours left…!!

Anime Matsuri is officially right around the corner!

Plane departs at about 5:30am and soon I’ll be in Houston! Right now I’m just packing all my junk and trying to keep it all within one bag but it’s proving slightly hard considering I’m staying until the 7th…so that’s 5 days worth of clothes (or 6 if you count what I’ll be wearing…).

Brother let me borrow his portable charger which will be super helpful! Many times my phone and camera will just power off because they lack juice (seriously I have the worst luck ever with technology), but not this time! I also bought me a big memory card sometime last year so I have to make sure I pack that for video purposes.

Must not forget my pass!

Also need to stop by the bank before I get dropped off at the airport. It’s my goal not to spend so much on merchandise this year but it’s good to have some backup. Never know when there’ll be ’emergencies,’ haha. Books will be the only exception if I find some cheap ones (and cheap means more than 20% off, no taxes). I might end up buying myself a bookbag (like I needed another one of those haha)

Oh! My brother also lent me his DS with a couple Kingdom Hearts games, a Pokemon game, and I think a Smash Bros game. I’m not a DS player so this will technically be my first time playing any of these games solo (I once fought this red Pokemon because my brother was tired of killing it, he had to capture it or something).

Apart from my books this’ll help with waiting in line and whatnot.

What else am I taking…

Oh! Because I’m missing a day of my advance figure drawing class I’ll be taking a sketchbook to draw some stuff. I’m probably going to take some charcoal and graphite pencils. A notebook too to work (or try to at least) on some of my senior studio class. If not at the con then at least on the plane ride.

Also bringing my camera and DSLR with me (even though I suck at using it). Figured I’d try taking some nice pictures since I’ll be in Texas after the con ends.

Some panels/events I’ll be attending:

  • Rally (I don’t know what this is exactly but might as well since I’m there Thursday)
  • Anything with Reika (and therefore Kaname) ❤ ❤
  • Car Show
  • Fashion Show (did you guys see the one from last year where Reika’s character died T-T)
  • Japanese Cooking (lately my brother and I have been interested in this, yum yum)
  • Autographs (I’m going to try for as many as I can since all the guests are awesome!)
  • Writing and Publishing Your Own Anime (maybe)
  • Crispin Freeman panels (those that don’t conflict with Reika’s stuff)
  • Todd panels (those that don’t conflict with Reika’s stuff)
  • How to Buy Stuff From Japan (maybe)

and more stuff I’m sure haha!

Hmmm, I should probably be working on my art proposal instead of doing this (but I can’t help it! I’m so excited!)

Also! Since I’m going alone to Matsuri this time around I’m super glad that I’ll have the chance to meet two online friends. One of them is my roommate and the other is Pantastic Panda! (or DA✩ZE), who are both cosplaying! ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “6-ish hours left…!!

  1. The voice actor panels of Crispin Freeman and Todd Haberkorn sound great. Hope everything went well and you enjoyed the convention 🙂 I might be beginning to follow your blog since I also tend to have fujoshi interests.


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