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[Review] Lucky Number 13 by Yamamoto Kotetsuko

For my first post, I have decided to talk about a manga I just re-read.

I recently made an MAL account and I was trying to figure out what anime and manga I had watched. I had some bookmarks so I transferred those. For some reason I started to wonder if I ever finished Lucky Number 13, especially since there was an update on my account (I have accounts everywhere and forget about them later).

I went back and read it and fell in love again!

There are two volumes and the manga is by Yamamoto Kotetsuko.


Basically, the manga is about Satou Hiroshi, a cute boy who has a predisposition to extreme clumsiness and bad luck. Rumor has it that when he starts dating someone that bad luck is transferred to his partner and thus his popularity on campus swells. He’s known as the guy who gets dumped in less than a week because his partners can’t handle theย constant abuse they receive from this ‘curse.’

As the manga starts we see him being dumped after only being with someone for three days. They both agree to break up and Satou is once again plagued by his clumsiness.

Then we have Tsumabuki Kasumi, a 6′ 5″ tall baseball otaku who is looking to get a girlfriend. He goes with his friend to a goukon but ends up making a mess of things because of his baseball reference talk and ‘dirty jokes.’ Coming home exhausted he falls asleep instantly and wakes up the next day to something unexpected – another student hanging off the branches of a tree outside his window, having fallen off his veranda from the fifth floor while stretching.

Tsumabuki helps the boy who turns out to be Satou. Later on that day Tsumabuki decides to ask Satou to become his boyfriend and the (much) shorter boy agrees. And thus begins their relationship plagued with lots of cute and funny scenes of love and misfortune!

One of the reasons I love this manga is because the seme (Tsumabuki) is just so resilient and adorable. He asked Satou to be his boyfriend and even after being a victim to a series of unfortunate events he still worries more about Satou’s well-being. He claims everything is fine, even after having random objects mysteriously chucked at him (balls, frisbees, glass from a broken window, dead fish with angry crows, etc.).

Satou, witnessing all of this, one day decides he wants to break up with Tsumabuki, to save him from all of the trouble. Instead of agreeing to this, Tsumabuki chases after him, stating that their break-up is only one-sided because he hasn’t agreed to anything (this happens after he slugs a guy and breaksย his fingers in the process).

He’s also adorable personality-wise and physically. I love tall people, they’re my favorite and Tsumabuki especially fits the bill, easily towering over everyone and fitting awkwardly in places, which is hilarious and cute. For example, he washes his face (and teeth?) in the kitchen because his bathroom is too small.

Another reason I love this mini-series is because the story is funny. Their dates always start out adorable but there’s always something at the back of my mind telling me,ย it’s coming! something’s going to happen!ย And yeah.

I especially like how Tsumabuki wants to kiss Satou and eventually gets the courage to. When he does though, he can’t help but let out a breath because he was sure something would happen (the poor guy). Then, when he wants to take a step further (sex), he can’t help but imagine manatees and their sex rituals (where the female sometimes eats the male during or after sex).

And of course, the funniest part is when they try to have sex but everything just goes wrong

And this leads us to a small bump in the road (compared to everything else) in Satou and Tsumabuki’s relationship!

A third person, Takahashi, who turns out to be a baseball Otaku as well. Satou can clearly tell Takahashi is hitting on Tsumabuki but Tsumabuki doesn’t even find that possible. After All, he’s never been the target of someone’s affection. Because of the “termite issue” (you gotta read it), Tsumabuki becomes upsetย at Satou and he ends up hanging out with Takahashi more often (which then leads things into some awkward situations).

Of course, things get cleared up quickly and they (Satou and Tsumabuki) discuss what happened over cups of flan! They also finally get to have sex, which makes pervy-buki very happy.

And the ending was just perfect!

At this point, I don’t remember if I finished the manga or if I just needed that last chapter of the story but it really felt complete. We don’t really get any sort of conclusion in terms of Satou’s predisposed clumsiness (I think they also call it an allergy). His mother had the same issue when she was growing up but she grew out of it when Satou was born. I figured she passed it on to him, which would mean the only way to be ‘cured’ is if Satou has a child. This also means Tsumabuki will have to endure until the end!

We also don’t see Takahashi anymore but that way pretty much cleared. Tsumabuki didn’t want any misunderstandings happening so he broke ties completely, which made me feel sad for him. He’d finally met another baseball otaku after all…

There was also the thing with Tsumabuki’s nightmares that I was curious about. Again, I figure he’ll have them every now and again but it makes me wonder if others (Satou’s ex-boyfriends/girlfriend) ever had those dreams? Will Satou ever know about them? And if he did find out, would he try to break up with Tsumabuki again?

Questions that don’t really need answers to make the story feel complete but just stuff I thought about.

Recommend this manga and other manga by the same author, especially Honto Yajuu and Konya mo Nemurenai!

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