Ending 2019 with a Beautiful Boys Love Haul – Dear+ Magazine

Oh my, today has been a busy day for a day off but I’m feeling great and isn’t that all that matters? Ok, maybe that’s a lie. Cute boys are all that matter and I have brought you cute boys tonight. As you guys might have noticed, I was very cute boys desolate in 2019 because apparently they’re expensive and an unemployed weeb can only sway so many boys with $20…the struggle is real! Luckily, I saw the light in December and I immediately lifted my book buying ban. It was also a great moment to #TreatMahSelf since Christmas was right around the corner


Look at these BEAUTIES. I’m sure I’ve at least shared one photo about this series before, possibly in passing but today I’d like to scream that IT’S CONTINUING. Continue reading


So I Started Watching Crash Landing On You

After much debate about what Korean Drama to watch next (yes, I watched one before this but the review is coming later, I’m all over the place!), I finally settled on this one. I had gone through all the shows on Netflix and found myself being meh about all of them, except for this one. This one series kept making me pause every time my cursor landed on it and then one day I woke up and was like, that one will be the least embarrassing, I can feel it in my bones! And so finally, I decided to watch it and I’m super glad I did!!


In the first episode, we meet Yoon Se-ri, a seemingly obnoxious rich girl who preys on rich men in order to sell her company’s brand. Of course, when she gets a phone call from one of her older brothers to tell her their father is out of jail and wants the whole family to meet, we begin to see things aren’t so clear cut. Continue reading


How The Flash Went From My Husband to A Commoner

Over my long hiatus, one of the things I did was sit like a prisoner in the living room as my mom watched more than 200 episodes of DC content. Or at least it seemed like it was that much. Perhaps it was more. And one of the series I had the semi-pleasure of watching was Flash


Flash is a DC superhero TV series that spans six seasons totaling 118 episodes. The story is apparently a spin-off from The Arrow. In Flash, we have Barry Allen, a goofy and nerdy guy who works at the Central City Police Department as a crime scene investigator. Continue reading


Looking Back at My Year of OWLS (2019)

Last year, after seeing Takuto write consistently for OWLS for THREE YEARS straight!!! I felt inspired. I thought, I also want to write for every OWLS prompt and so I began this unofficial challenge to be more active with OWLS in 2019. I managed to write for 11 of the 12 prompts and while I didn’t 100% achieve my goal, I am happy with what I did accomplish

tenor (4)

But before that, what is OWLS? OWLS is a group of bloggers and vloggers who write about certain topics – usually dealing with real-life issues – on a monthly basis so that we can start some discourse and spread acceptance and love to everyone regardless of our differences. Continue reading


The January TBR – First Reads of the Year

With the first week of January over, I finally feel like I’m in 2020. Or perhaps it’s because I finally got a chance to breathe a bit. Can you believe 2019 just wouldn’t let me go? Moving on. Yesterday I debated if I should post my reading goals as a page or a post and finally decided for the post format. You can find it here


The reason I bring it up is that it’s time to start my 2020 reading! One of the perks of working at a bookstore is that I become familiar with many new books, especially adult fiction books so my lists from here on out will probably be influenced by my job Continue reading


Reading in Factors and Multiples of 20

Even though I told myself I wouldn’t be making goals, trying to complete challenges is a whole other matter. There are many lurking around the internet but in the end, I figured I’d make one that I could customize myself. It somehow ended up looking more like a resolution list though…oh well!


For 2020, I will be reading in factors and multiples of 20!! Since the factors of 20 were very short and small, I decided to make those my Main Highlights Continue reading


[OWLS] Why Bother Walking Towards Failure?

This blog was supposed to be on hiatus, but then I read a book! Actually, I’m still on that blogging break but I knew I wanted to talk about something that wasn’t anime this time around for OWLS, especially since I haven’t watched anything new, and now you’re all here thanks to Irina who posted before me

But if you’re new, you’re probably wondering what I’m blabbering about Continue reading


#theAnimangaFestival: BL Manga For the Emerging Boys Love Enthusiast

Oh boy, I was supposed to try to keep to the Animanga Festival schedule but I failed after the first post! Lucky for me, there are some free days throughout the festivities and that is where I’m going to be dropping these very late posts Continue reading


Jon’s September 2019 Creator Showcase: Fifty-One Posts to Cuddle With Under Your Blankets!

Hey guys!! Welcome back to the blog for another Jon’s Creator Showcase post. I’m super excited to show you all the goodies that everyone submitted, which seriously blew me away! Usually, I only have about 30 submissions to show you all, but this time we got FIFTY-ONE of them!! I also usually try to get this out sooner but UHM October is really kicking my butt OOF Continue reading


#theAnimangaFestival: Why do I Love Boys Love and my Husbands?

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first day of The Animanga Festival here at Cute Boys Central. Since the first day of the event is a free day, I thought it was a good idea to write a little bit about my blog and my love for cute boys, you know, before jumping into the goodies for the month


I have told this story before (so I won’t go into much detail), but the first time I learned about boys love was when I was in (about) 8th grade, which means I was 13. An otaku friend of mine mentioned it in passing but never really explained what it was, and curious little me decided to ask the internet. I would NOT recommend doing this in 2019, but in whatever year it was when I was a wee lad, looking up yaoi on the internet only showed you cute SasuNaru images. It was love at first sight

Continue reading


Sometimes we just have to say goodbye (even when it hurts)

When it comes time to split up the year into sections, you guys might have noticed (or not), that I like to say that the year is about to end. Even when it’s only March…


Well, it’s now October 1st and we are now officially three months away from 2020. And once Thanksgiving hits, is it even possible to tell the difference between November and Christmas and New Year? If you answered yes, please let me know what sort of witchcraft you are using because I could really use some help remembering what day it is…year-round Continue reading


Crimson is Joining #theAnimangaFestival This Year (And You Should Too)!

Good morning everyone! We are slowly approaching the start of October, which is really one of my favorite months ever. I don’t go trick or treating but (oh boy), I love seeing all the Halloween and Spooky stuff at stores and at random houses (we have an Intense Neighbor)


And okay, this post has NOTHING to do with Halloween but aren’t these two really cute? I suddenly feel inspired to go trick or treating. But I probably won’t because that takes too much effort. I mean, I have to make a costume since apparently old people only give candies to the costumed and then I have to go walking (preposterous!)

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