Jon’s March 2020 Creator Showcase: Twenty-Eight Posts to Help Make Your Quarantine Less Stressful and More Inspiring!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to this sorry excuse of a blog. Crimson here. First off, I’d like to apologize for this month’s showcase and to any first-timers who decided to join for March. To the regulars, you know I really like to be on top of things when it comes to submissions to the point you all want to block me (don’t lie, I KNOW, lol) but this month has been…well I’m sure you all know. And to the newcomers, wow, you really saw a bad side of me, I promise I’m not always like this and I promise this showcase is usually more fun and community-based!!

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[OWLS] The Vision in Interlude: Shadow by BTS’s Suga

Welcome back to my first OWLS post of the year. Actually, I’m a little late in posting but don’t tell anyone, although you guys probably know that since Fred mentioned I’d be posting on the 25th COUGH. But if you’re new to OWLS, then I highly recommend checking out all the stops for this month’s OWLS “Vision” tour. They have been amazing so far! Continue reading

[OWLS] Why Bother Walking Towards Failure?

This blog was supposed to be on hiatus, but then I read a book! Actually, I’m still on that blogging break but I knew I wanted to talk about something that wasn’t anime this time around for OWLS, especially since I haven’t watched anything new, and now you’re all here thanks to Irina who posted before me

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