OWLS Believe Blog Tour: The Wonderful World of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Welcome back to the blog for another OWLS post. Chances are you guys were redirected here from Karandi’s post on Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions or possibly even directly from the OWLS website. It’s been a while since OWLS last did a tribute type tour (remember the Yuri on Ice one?), so when I saw this theme, I wasn’t sure if I would participate. I mean, I haven’t watched many series by Kyoto Animation so what would I even talk about? But I’m glad I decided to sign up. Like usual, this post is going to contain lotsa spoilers

For this month our theme is “Believe” and we will be talking about…

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Possibly the First Livestream I Was Happy With? – OWLS Tech Stream

Hey guys, so just wanted to drop this video on the blog. Earlier “today” OWLS had their July technology end of the month recap livestream and I was part of it. I was really feeling good about it since I actually sat down and outlined like 90% of the stream the fam kidnapped me for food making the other 10% so I missed the ending outline¬†and I think it showed through?! I mean, I try to outline other days but this day I only really felt like I was going to collapse from nervousness 10 minutes before the stream started¬†usually i’m shaking all the way through. guess enough practice makes betterish

EHERM. Joining me on this nervewracking adventure was Jack from Animated Observations so if you ever wanted to know what he sounds like, NOWS YOUR CHANCE. He’s got a good voice! (It’s been eons since I last said this, Mr. Lopez, are you possibly being dethroned?!). And did an awesome job summarizing and picking out the main points of all the posts #jealousofhiseloquency Continue reading

2019 Monthly Roundup #2

Welcome back to another monthly roundup on the blog. We are now officially part of the second half of the year, which is crazy because I’m not ready to get older yet! Like the last time I wrote one of these, this post will mainly be about posts that appeared on my blog, what I did this month, and possibly what I have planned for next month Continue reading

[Review] Season One of Who Made Me a Princess by Plutus, Illustrated by Spoon

I feel like a hypocrite but that’s okay. Earlier I wrote a post on harems and here I am, reading a potential reverse harem. Why do I say potential? Because I’m not 100% sure. It has the makings of one (lots of hot bishie babes and a girl in the center), but there’s also this whole other plot going on that overshadows this fact. I suppose I can let you all decide

The first time I stumbled upon Who Made Me a Princess was on Instagram. You know those sponsored posts where they’re like hey you might like this and yeah, I did. I instantly fell in love with the art, but I didn’t read it. As much as I read lots of BL webcomics, when it comes to heterosexual couples, I tend to ignore them. But then I went to my website of yaoi goodness and I kept seeing this title on the front page for weeks! It’s only natural I eventually caved, right? It also helped I’d gone through all my BL to-read titles but shhhh Continue reading

OWLS July Technology Blog Tour: What Does It Mean to Be a Hero?

Can you guys believe that the last time I wrote about an anime for these OWLS tours was back in February and before then on March 2018?! I was going slightly insane looking for my posts because I had sworn I’d written something last month…only to remember they were housed over at R@N

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